Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hands-On Projects: 5 Days of Teaching Creatively

creating fairy gardens
Hands-on Projects run the gamut 'round here. From the whimsical fairy garden (above)
and decorated rocks
to the practical, and much needed bookshelves (below).
and the rocking library cart that I l.o.v.e. Envision it with roller wheels ; )
to the gastronomical....
and yet again, whimsical
 (you gotta have flowers, like you've gotta have books).
The kids all help with landscaping and gardening projects.
And, of course, house projects have been a family affair, especially since the fire. You can read about the Big 10 here. (completed last year)
which include, but are not limited, The side-walk project. and The porch.
But my fav, by far, is the Mother West Wind Table and Chairs
The kids all take art classes at co-op and TC and Flower loves her clay class.
What hands-on projects do you do?
This post is part of a week of blog hopping hosted by The Schoolhouse Review Crew: Day 5- Hands-On Projects. 

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