Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Carnival of Homeschooling- Still Winter Edition

It's been a long winter 'round here. And it's still happening- today was a day full of blowing snow, school closures and other winter nonsense. So, yeah, we are all about a change of season, and soon Till then, we are getting lots of school done, including tons of reading, read-alouds, CD-listening, DVD watching, and texts gone through.
In that vein, Not a Stepford Wife talks about something we're probably all feeling about now, even though it's March; given the cold and snowy winter we've all experiences:February Blahs
Henry Cate of Why Homeschool shares an essay: University essay from a homeschooler, a letter his daughter wrote which helped her be accepted to the university of her choice.

Florida Homeschooling presents Homeschooling for Free (or close to it).- great information about the plethora of resources available to anyone.


Matt and Kristen O'Hara of Little Homies share some - Indoor Winter Crafts 
And Sandbox to Socrates just hosed their first Science Week- tons of posts, links, apps and more!

Next week's Carnival will be hosted by  March 2014 - Janice Campbell Taking Time For Things That Matter
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