Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winter Frenzy Weekly Review

The desk of a Challenge A Tutor- beans and candy, white board markers/ wipes, guide, glasses, note cards and lots of coffee.

Our weeks have flown by and been book-ended by busy week-ends as well. This week was no exception.
Last Saturday we had scheduled a TeenPact Study Day, but the crazy sub-zero weather prevented others from trekking out. We used the time to knock out a chunk of the homework, anyway. Sunday was pretty mellow, but Cub, Flower and I spent at least a couple of hours doing Latin. Feeche got ready for a week away, getting classes and living arrangements nailed down until he can move in to his more permanent quarters up north.
(Catechism pictionary- Radiometric dating-lol!)
Challenge Community Day on Monday; the kids have presentations and papers due almost every week, plus Latin and Math to present, Apologetics and debate. The days are full, fast and fun. Challenge A is still about a lot of Grammar and I have a reward system, candy and games, good discussion and challenge to hand out each week. Love my class of hard-working, opinionated, smart, funny and curious Challenge A kids!
We've had play practice twice a week all month and this week was no exception- 5 hours a week of drama games, blocking, coaching, props and role discussion. Presentation at a whole different level.

It was a quiet week with Feeche gone, and we spent most of it thankful for a very warm house during sub-zero weather and working/ doing homework. What we have discovered about CC's Challenge is that it's not intellectually overwhelming as much as organizationally a challenge to master. The biggest hurdle to overcome for my own kids has been that they can't always everything done in one sitting. This is doubly true for Challenge I. Dividing the work/ projects up throughout the week has been an on-going project.  While CC is strongly in favor of the kids taking ownership for their education, I help them do this by sitting down with them each week and mapping out their schedule- project by project. We put everything down, including church stuff, social stuff, TeenPact, Play and school stuff. It can be a lot of stuff.

We've all been enjoying the Lord Peter Wimsey DVD's Dr. Dh gave me for Christmas (I told them they'd love them!), and discovered that Ian Carmichael lost the tip of his middle finger on his left hand to an accident with the turret hatch of a Valentine tank, Our son in law is in good company, what, what.

We further fed our Anglophilia by watching a version of Persuasion that we haven't seen before. I was out-voted and the running in public without a hat by a lady killed it at the end, but up till then, I liked it. Mr. Elliot is loathsome while Capt. Wentworth is decidedly dashing. To balance out all of that lovely English literary theater, Cub and I are going to see Star Wars tonight.

In between all of the busyness we've had birthdays and relevant parties. Cub turned 16 and Flower 13. Love them. Aren't they just the cutest faces?!
Speaking of cute faces- here's the Geek Squad in their Snorg tees from Xmas: The Mordor Fun Run, The Power of the Dork Side and the Alderaan Weather Forecast.

And in case you haven't heard, we are adding one more cute face this May when we'll welcome our first grandson!

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