Sunday, April 8, 2012

Porch Seaon II

Way last year I posted about painting the porch and promised pictures. This week-end the kids and I did some spring cleaning. The porch, which ends up being winter housing for some of our outside animals, and the repository of tools, projects, and materials, got a clean sweep. It's the perfect room, south facing, light and airy. We spend hours out here reading, eating, chatting, talking, star gazing.

The floor is painted dark evergreen. The first time we painted it (my mil, KB and I) I choose barn red and loved it. It was definitely time for a change though, and we all really like how very peaceful the deep green is. The rocker was a gift from dh after we found out I was pregnant with our first baby. The couch is from Craigslist. They asked $600 for it and ended up giving it to us for free. (love those kind of deals - "God shopping" my friend Jannelle calls it).

Here's a view of the whole east side- the sun was brilliant as it set! The little table Flower is drawing is 20 years old- a gift from Grandma and Grandpa for one of our older girls'  birthday. It took a beating in the fire and we've sanded down the top and kilzed it. I have big plans for it so check back this summer.

I'm a plant girl- have I told you that before? We had to throw away or give away all of our houseplants from the fire (scorching and then living in a hotel for a month necessitated it). But, my collection is growing again... front and center is the most delicious lavender. In the back is a housewarming gift from my green thumbed sweet friend, Cyndi, then a baby Coleus. On the plant stand (garage sale find) is a Christmas Cactus and violet.

This is the west side of the porch. We have a wall length built in. The cupboards match our kitchen and have 3 deep drawers. So far the west side of the porch has been the staging area for projects, as well as the cutting and sanding area last winter. It's still a bit of a mess.

Across from the cubbies; an extra kitchen cupboard that is the acting potting table. More berry bushes on top- part of my evil edible landscaping plan.

And finally, the view from the porch. Our yard is bordered by a decades old 40 foot lilac hedge. Our crab apple is finally getting some height and you can barely see the flowing shrub out front, next to a red oak. The ash is coming down soon. The property was sorely neglected when we moved in and taking down old trees, weeding and dredging up ancient farm implements (along with tripping over tens of yards of barbed wire) have been just as much part of the reclamation project as planting new trees and bushes.

It's hard to believe that just over 2 1/2 years ago this porch was FULL of smoke and noxious orders. Another area of redemption in our lives. And it's just as lovely irl as in the pictures!

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Teaching Stars said...

I am so envious of your porch! GORGEOUS!! I'd love pass some time curled up reading out there. Enjoy it!

Redradtech said...

How beautiful