Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brushes with Fame (it's the little things)

One Sunday Morning
Amy Ephron (I hope it was her. Or it was someone posing as her. Either way, it made my day!) commented on my blog this week. Serious thrill. I only wish I'd said amazing and glowing things about her book. And it made me realize that I'd jotted off an impression without being clear.

I did actually like both her and Delia's books. But basically, I was cheat reading. I was supposed to be studying but I was reading for fun so there was the guilt factor. And I had to read super fast, in order to get back to studying. I already read super fast, so when I say I'm reading super fast, it's like warp-speed reading. I wanted to Looove the books, because that would have justified the cheat. So there you have my True Confession.

Big City EyesAs it was, I did love the setting of One Sunday Morning. I love well done period pieces. I loathe period pieces that judge history from our perspective. And Amy did a great job of transporting us to the time and place of the Galbraith's (Cheaper by the Dozen and on my list of irl hero's). So, while the story was engaging and a sweet, fun read, the setting was the real star. A lovely snapshot of a time and place.

Big City Eyes was another fun, fast read. It's the love affair with NY that intrigues me, but the setting quickly moves from there. Howevah, the part of the book that was truly terrific was the inclusion of Lily's (the protagonist's) articles for the small town paper and folks reaction to it. Also, the inclusion of Klingon into any novel makes it better and is, truly, imho,  a stroke of genius.

I'll be reading more Ephron books in the future. I am totally fascinated by the family- 4 sisters, all successful writers. All witty and clever and down to earth. Love that.

And second brush with fame this week. Flower has been totally immersed in Bill Peet's autobiography. She jumped with JOY when she realized that one of her favorite artist's share the same birthday as her.

It's the little things, right?

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Robin McCormack said...

You should check out 'Never Tell a Lie' and 'There was an Old Woman' by Hallie Ephron. I just finished both and both are excellent scary mystery stories. I'll be checking out Amy and Delia's stories at some point this year.