Friday, March 15, 2013

Teaching Creatively

This week was the 5 Days of Teaching Creatively blog hop.
Grab a cup of tea and read all about it here:
You have just a little bit of time to enter the $1000 homeschool give-away!
Don't forget to enter the $1000 Teaching Creatively Giveaway. Pop on over to THIS POST (scroll down to the rafflecopter entry form) to enter in order to win one of three prize packs. (1st prize $525 value, 2nd prize $225 value and 3rd prize $190 value)
Getting to the end of some of our fav curriculum- Famous Men of Rome; MP's World Geography, along with States and Capitals.
Cub finished Math Made Easy IV and is begging to continue with it, rather than go back to Saxon. I don't mind going  on to book V but Saxon is still gonna be there.
The boys are loving programming, and Adventus is a blast (reviews to follow). And, ohlala, Supercharged Science is rounding out the very full science life we've been living this year.
2 reviews coming up asap- Essentials in Writing and Discovery of Deduction. Check back soon.

Wives and Daughters (1999) Poster
Flower's been feeding her regency addiction with Wives and Daughter's. 
It's entertaining and an interesting parade of familiar actors/actresses.

 Read Delia Ephron's Big City Eyes and Amy Ephron's One Sunday Morning. Not in love with either. Surprise ending in Big City Eyes but both of them were rather fluffy and quick reads. They all have a similar writing style, witty, clever.

Feeche finally moved all of his furniture back in to his bedroom. The paperbag floor is not all I hoped or dreamed about but it's good enough for now. For one, it's warmer than the cement, even with a large rug on it; bonus. But I think the problem was that all of the "how-to's" I looked at paperbagged a slab. Our basement is kissing 90, uneven, beat-up and definitely not cement slab perfection. Even when we did do some major repairs and smoothing. Ce la vive. Feeche likes his room and has a huge open area to spread out and write and do artwork. Happy Man-child, Happy Momma.
Flower and I are going to make an Easter Garden tomorrow along the same lines as the Flower Garden. Check back Sunday for pictures!
"True education should prepare us to love learning and to see the world from God's side of the sky."
~ Leigh Bortiens
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Cara said...

My goodness, that is a lot of stuff. :) Thanks for sharing!

Amy Ephron said...

My sister's name is Delia, though, no Delilah.
Thanks for your post though -- you multi-task more than we do even! Amy Ephron