Friday, March 1, 2013

The End of the Dead of Winter Weekly Report


School this week was busy. We are doing several reviews at once: The Art of Deductive Reasoning, Adventus Piano, Programming, Lapbooks, Lone Star, along with our regularly scheduled programming. Full and busy, but good. Our little blue 5 x7 cards are our navigators.
Reviews this week included Target the Question, Abraham's Journey and College Common Sense.

We are doing more and more on-line school again. Rosetta Stone, Target the Question with Lone Star, Keyboarding with Schoolhouse Teachers (yea!), computer programming, piano. Our one lone Internet connected computer is our work horse. As a veteran homeschooler I am thrilled with the variety and # of choices we have available!

Reading Born Standing Up by comedienne extraordinaire Steve ROTFLOL Martin- he's as funny in print as performing on SNL or parrying back and forth with a Muppet. I had to read this after learning that the title for the book So Good They Can't Ignore You can from Steve. His path to success is an interesting combination of a lot of things.

 14 years ago today my Mom died.
And it seems like forever ago.
The days are long, the years are short grows ever more profound.
Finished The Ramsey Scallop last night by Francis Temple (the author of The Bedouin's Gazelle). This is the 3rd time I've read this book out loud and I love it each time. From the author: "The story began to take form in northern Spain, along pilgrim trails, was fed by histories, stories, letters by the testimony of a 14th century shepherd, by the thoughts of today's pilgrims. Concerns echo across years- clean water, good talk, risks welcomed, the search fora  peaceful heart. Traveling in Eleanor's shoes, I found out how strongly the tradition of pilgrimage continues." A beautiful Medieval rendering of journey, redemption and love.

We had a great time in film class this a.m. We've decided on a story, assigned parts and are developing videography skills. Today small groups assembled and did interviews of the cast, both as the actor, and as the character. Great ad-libbing. We just have to figure out sound.
From the "about me" over at Stop Her She's Knitting;  
"Let this be the rallying cry for all women over 50:
You can have my gray hair when you can pry it from my cold dead fingers.
As Felton wrote, in a review of Steve Martin, "This isn't comedy; it's campfire recreation for the bent at heart. It's a laugh-a- long for loonies...."
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