Friday, March 22, 2013

Finishing Up Despite Winter Hanging On

During filming and 45 years later. Christopher Plummer is still the man... :)
A few of my favorite things....
Doesn't this picture just make you happy?!
We were rocking  homeschoolers this week. Finished Famous Men of Rome,  Memoria Press' World Geography, Math Made Easy book IV along with Sacajawea by Knowledge Quest (review coming soon!) and Flower discovered that she and Bill Peet share a birthday. The boys continued working on programming and are having a marvelous time with it. Adventus (review THIS week-end) is a BIG hit, and Quarter Mile keeps working its magic. Perplexors have been taken over by Feeche who is having a blast with the kids and The Economist keeps  making its way into discussions and Rosetta Stone German is still gut.
The circus and physics- winning combo! Mrs. J (world's best science teacher) sent out this great link for pre-physics this week!
Help me understand the logic of this.
This is the Easter garden Flower made. We pre-soaked wheat seeds but, as you can see, we are experiencing a bit of an erosion problem. The white stuff you see in the "tomb" is a cut-up sock; "grave clothes." ; )
Spring, where art thou?
I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to look at this week's forecast....
K, so the snow this week-end is just a joke, right?

Talked about Chernobyl when doing MP's geography and so Cub wanted to watch The Undiscovered Country (Star Trek). Fun times. Then watched The Hobbit with him this week-end which I thought was done pretty well. Feeche's review was that it went on and on and on and onnnn. His take is that Jackson doesn't get either Tolkien's theology or the business of folk tales.

Other reveiws of the week include Ephron books, Discovery of Deduction and Essentials in Writing. 

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Jannell said...

Love the Easter tomb. Also like the song reference. "On and on and on and ooonnnn..." Journey?