Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Beak-ish

On Tuesday I finally got the girlies back together again to finish their amazing clay animals from Flower's bday party (see here). I am so bummed I forgot to line up the gorgeous creations and take a picture of them- they were left to right a giraffe, a dragon, a tiger and a hedgehog (see below)
Each animal has a removable "top" (see the giraffe above) for the safe keeping valuables!
Nancy Pearcy, "America's pre-eminent evangelical Pro- testant female intellectual," and former homeschooler, has thought provoking and scintillating commentary, along with her husband at The Pearcey Report..  Love her words in response to complicated issues. She is now the director of the Francis Schae- ffer Center for Worldview and Culture at Houston Baptist University. Her latest book, saving Leonardo is on my list of 2Bpurchased.

Watching The Help this week-end (love it!), and Flower ordered Emma, too. Feeche has Dark Night waiting in the wings somewhere. Good study break material, right? I've got systems history running through my head at night. That's a good thang.
We cleaned like fiends this week. So much so that every time someone came into the living room/dining room we'd all comment on how clean it is! We moved rugs, mopped everything, and sorted. Bags of "stuff" are ready to give and throw away. I love clean and uncluttered!
We switched from a Kauffman diet this week to The Maker's Diet based on the recommendation of our brand spanking new alternative-ish medicine doc. He's either totally brilliant or a crazy man. We're banking on the brilliant. Oy vey. Organic, grass fed, free range, clean living, baby. And expensive. From gallons of yogurt a week to none; same with eggs. THIS one better work!
So grateful for Jesus, who loves you and me so very much, that he suffered shame and death on our behalf.
God bless you this week-end as we celebrate the Living Christ, who rose again on the 3rd day.

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