Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Birthday Bash

Flower wanted friends and a clay class over presents, and that's what she got!
 Sleep-over with some cutie-patooties (and a friend for Cub, too!)
Best presents: All of them; stuffed animals, art supplies, a bagful of kisses, along with Nutella from Feeche and friends!
More blue nosed buddies. Flower is enamored with them!
Ice-cream cake, a flick, play-mobile all over the living room and girlies to play with,
waffles for breakfast and then off to the imitable Mz. Z's studio!
Clay Class! The girls made boxes and then turned them into animals, like this.
 There was a dragon, a giraffe, a hedgehog and a
Picking texturizing tools. So many fun things to look at and work with!
Miss. W, dragon creator!

Miss. A, giraffe maker.
Miss. E, tiger tamer,
and Flower created a hedge-hog!
Ice-cream bars, valentines cookies and more hugs before everyone heading home!
Good party!
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