Friday, May 24, 2013

Spring is HEEERE....

The big news of the week is that tomorrow Feeche is D.O.N.E. with high school, yessireebob.
He hates this pictue, but I think he looks like Tom Burlinson on The Man from Snowy River.
He sneered in disgust and said, "You mean the pouty one?!"
Um, no, I meant the cute one... gender differences, right there, baby.
Photo: What do you think Episcopal Church Memes?
Apostasy served up and gut wrenching.
First we remove the vibrancy of the Apostle Paul from the N.T. and move on from there to state that demon possession is a spiritual gift. Oy vey.

This is so me! Which is why I love reading Sayers and L'Engle (vocab lists in the back of the books, yeah baby -and listening to Dr. Dh. Always new words to learn and love.

School? Um yeah. Rosetta Stone every day and Flower is revealing in her ability to make relevant and complete sentences. Math- almost done for the year. The Graphic Bible is being devoured once again and Feeche has hooked the kids on Dune. Really? Won't it just die already? Flower and I had a great discussion in the car about plot, theme and Sci Fi. Immediately following she wanted to know if trains could go UP steep hills and DOWN steep hills. Love the 10 year old mind. Life is still new enough to be full of wonder and old enough to get stuff.  Cub finished Fallacy Detective and evaluates every discussion in light of it. This has done little to nothing for his relationship with the 10 year old, concrete operations girl in the house, but I love that he so totally gets it.

Spring cleaning on the acreage. Feeche burned downed wood from the ice storm for most of the day yesterday, we got the mower out and promptly took it to the mower repair place cause, you know, it hasn't worked like an actual mower should since the moment we bought it, spring cleaned the cars, raked in more grass seed, moved plants, assessed dead trees and flower beds due to drought. Kinda depressing, actually.
The Top 10 Reasons We're Losing Our Youth. This is a provoking list, starting with "The Church is Relevant." Preach it, baby.
Victory at the Walls the story of Nehemiah. A fantastic living book about the life of O.T. hero Nehemiah.
You do know about Bethlehem books, right? If not, head over there and get their catalog. is a winner.
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