Thursday, May 30, 2013

See the Light -TOS Review

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We recently had the opportunity to review a product from See the Light. Our selection came from the Art Projects series but they also have available Art Class and a host of other products, including free lessons.

We had the privilege of viewing the Dreams of Joseph (10+), featuring the artwork of Marc Chagall. I loved how master artist, Pat Knepley, interwove the details of Chagall's style into the actual lesson, imparting a clear understanding of a particular artist and their work, along with painting techniques. Pat also interweaves the story of Joseph and lessons from his life as she is teaching painting. The dream like quality of Chagall's work and Joseph the Dreamer are perfectly compatible as Pat explains as she teaches.

This program is terrific. You play the DVD, follow the simple instructions and create a beautiful piece of artwork, learning valuable art technique and information about the featured artist along the way. The art supplies are easily obtainable and inexpensive- in other words, you won't spend a fortune learning, or creating, and they are supplies that you can continue to use once the project is over. In fact, we didn't have to purchase anything to do the project, we had everything already.
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The quality of the DVD is fantastic with, clear sound and great visuals. The lessons are detailed and done with enthusiasm, slow enough to absorb the material but at a fast enough pace that it doesn't drag.

 My only critique of the presentation was that it seemed as if it was more geared toward younger kids, as the some of the verbiage seemed a bit immature for Jr. and Sr. High school students, which the project could certainly be used for. We loved this project and are already planning on doing several more.

Art projects are available for $12.95 each or $99 for the complete set.

Content -excellent
Presentation -excellent
Organization -excellent
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