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Home School in the Woods- TOS Review

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 Home School in the Woods has been a long time homeschooling friend of ours, so when I had the chance to review a  unit study created by them, I jumped at the chance. Since we’re deep into World History overview I choose Great Empires

The 14 Great Empires covered by this study are:
  1. Ancient Egypt
  2. Ancient Greece
  3. Ancient Rome
  4. Ancient China
  5. Arab-Muslim Empire
  6. Mongolian Empire
  7. Viking Empire
  8. Spanish Empire
  9. French Empire
  10. English Empire
  11. German Empire 
  12. Japanese Empire
  13. Russian Empire
  14. The United States of America
   Even though we do a lot of history study, Cub and Flower were a bit surprised to find a few of empires listed above as    "Great," which was a terrific first lesson in and of it-self.
   With this study you will receive
   History Lessons for 14 Great Empires
   Activity Pages summarizing activities for each Great Empire (the projects lists include recipes, games, maps, hands-   on projects based on the text, crafts and literature references for more in-depth study)
   Activity Directions -detailed steps for each activity provided in the lessons
   Timeline and Timeline Figures - for all 14 Empires 
   Maps for Each Empire and a World Map

   This study is a complete stand-alone and can easily be done in several weeks, spending 1-3 days on each Empire. Or,     you can use it as the foundation, like we did, for further study on a specific Empire or as part of a world history      overview, and take your time delving in. The text included is a brief (1-3 pages) overview of the Empire specified. This      was great for my kids, as they integrated information from previous studies, our current reading and from our extensive   collection of history books. The intro to each Empire had them cross checking facts in their favorite history books! Love that!
   If you haven’t discovered the elegant beauty of creating time-lines for history study, this unit will convince you. The    print-ables are the excellent, high-quality you can expect from Home School in the Woods.  Amy Pak is a graphic artist    and it shows- there is plenty of personalization and attention to detail that goes into the figures and maps. As a closet artist with a tribe of art lovers, I really appreciate that.  
   Maps- we love them, study them, pour over them, argue about them, color them and label them! They’re in here, too! I    always wondered if it would matter if my kids studied ancient maps along with current, but when they can have a    discussion about how ancient trade routes contributed to the rise and fall of Empires, I’m convinced!  
   If you can't get enough history, like us, Great Empires is a great addition to what you are already doing. If you want to    love the study of history but don't yet- this study will convince you!
   Not only is this a terrific, and affordable addition to your history study, but this would make a great unit study for a co-op class. Available for $18.95 as a download or $19.95 on CD.
   Home School in the Woods offers many other products, including freebies and samples. Check it   out!
   Content -excellent
   Presentation- excellent
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Hi, Lisa. I came over from the Crew to follow you. :-) I didn't review this one, but it does look good!