Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Schedule begins Now

This. The dairy free, gluten free, corn, soy, tomato, sugar free venture continues. We've had a couple of big wins like black bean chocolate cake, cabbage salad, date-nut bars and "Beanitos" with Empanade. Other than that flax seed, kale and coconut oil figure heavily on each week's shopping list.

Speaking of which, this week's lit love.
Cub: The Lord of the Rings 1-3, right after he blew through "Narnia" again.
Flower: Lilly Lapp (review to follow- love these books!)
Me: The Divine Conspiracy. Hands down the best book on Christianity and a  life of faith, outside of the Bible I've ever read. Challenging, deep, beautiful and expansive.
All Together we finished Victory at the Walls- the story of O.T. figure Nehemiah, Cup bearer to King Artaxerxes. A beautifully rendered account of the ancient world and the love of the Jewish people for their homeland.
The Midwife's Apprentice. Another oldie but goodie. I love how Beetle's sense of self unfolds and how she enables others to grow and develop along the way.

School: Rosetta Stone, 1/4 mile Math, Horatius at the Bridge, reading.
Next week is Drama Camp- a whole lotta fun in the morning followed by picnics. My kids love it.
We are on summer schedule....

'Cause we are back to projectville: re-seeded and re-seeded and again re-seeded areas of the lawn that died last year. Started scraping the house, sorting the attic and thinning the toys. The doors and closets are trimmed out on the 2nd floor and now it's down to cutting the small pieces of trim and affixing the floorboards. Made of list of projects left, like staining doors and small areas of drywalling.

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