Sunday, May 19, 2013

Feeding One's Soul

Spent the Day resting and listening to this, soaking in the smell of the lilacs that have finally bloomed and watching Les Miserables.

Les Misérables
 We like this version better:
Les Misérables (1998) Poster
For one, we fast forwarded through several scenes in the newer version. The innkeeper is a cretin, already, we get that. And Prostitution is bad. Get that too. We seriously don't need it in living color in our living room. That said, Javert was far more approachable in the newer version. He makes more sense. And I loved how Jean Val Jean's faith was so up close and personal in the newer version. "Who am I." The priest named the man. The man remained true to the name. Claimed by God's redeeming grace. The True Story.

That being said, Cub still voted Focus on the Family Radio Theater as the big rendition winner. He has declared opera and musicals verboten and stated that subjecting him to 3 hours of operatic singing was even worse than sitting through Gone with the Wind. I have been officially declared a mean Momma. I am so over it already.