Saturday, May 11, 2013

On Having and Being a Mother

I have had the privilege of having a Mother, and being a Mother. My own Mom was motherless for many years. This colored her life in ways big and small and so, perhaps, I have a unique understanding of just how important a Momma is. In addition I've had 2 amazing Grandma's whose input into my life has been profound. My Gram, age 96, is still alive and lives in her own home, 1/2 of which was hand-built by my Grandpa. My niece lives with her now, and it is so good for both of them. Gram has someone to baby and Miss. E has someone to fuss over her. Love that. I don't even have a picture of me and my Grandma Audrey but she loved us all well, in her quiet, Plymouth Brethren way. You can read more about my amazing Grandparents here and here.

My Mom's been gone for 14 years- too soon and I feel cheated by her early death. I miss her most at holidays and birthdays because she was Grandma extraordinaire, loved gift giving, loved a party and loved her grand babies (that's her oldest gc and my oldest dd in the photo above). And I miss her during cheesy hallmark holidays like Mother's Day.

My Mother-in-law, has greatly influenced my  life (most obviously by being the Momma of my Husband) and she and my father in law continue to amaze me with their good health, joi de vive and willingness to serve.

And, while I have vowed B.C. to never have kids, I'm so very grateful for each of the beautiful children, over 1/2 of whom are adults, that I've had the privilege raise. We have had close (as in near death) experiences with 4 of them, cried our eyes out over and with them, been proud to bursting because of them, laughed at thier crazy antics, prayed diligently for them, and love each and every one of them so very, very much.

Miss. R.

(have I mentioned that I love living with competent men, even if they do HATE having their pics taken
 -see my hand around his neck?!)

My Man- Cub

My sweet baby, Flower, who still buries her head against me and whispers,
 "I love you, Momma."
Love, love, love that.
If anyone tells you you're too old to have a child, I'd like to witness to the fact that having kids old,
while totally different than having kids young, is its own kinda beautiful.
Not only have I had the blessings of being loved by Grandmas and Moms, and the blessing of being called Momma,  I have been blessed with amazing friends around the country, who have nurtured and offered me a Mommas touch, perspective and wisdom when I've needed one, often when I didn't even know that I did:
Shari, MaryAnn, Jeanette, Zigrid, Steph, Jannell, Ruth
my sweet sil Laura,
and before her untimely death, my bossy big sis Sue, who Momma bossed me more than anybody.
As anyone who has mothered knows,
"Motherhood is...difficult and...rewarding"  (Gloria Estafan).
and for my own children I hope that they
"Remember their mother's prayers and they would always follow them. That they would cling to them all of their lives"
(Abe Lincoln).

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