Thursday, May 23, 2013

Simplified Pantry- TOS Review

Mystie  Winckler, owner of Simplified Pantry has 3 new ebooks out that I recently had the opportunity to review:

Simplified Dinners
Simplified Dinners Gluten Free/Dairy Free
Paperless Home Organization

Mystie and I met on-line last year during a lengthy discussion of the Getting Things Done system by David Allen. He is a bottom up org man, as opposed to top down, like my long time friend, Stephen Covey. Anyway, GTD expanded my way of thinking about living a clutter free, organized and balanced life. Mystie was able to take Allen's concepts and distill them into the "do-able" for homeschooling Moms (check out her blog series on GTD here). I was thrilled to have the opportunity to check out the products Mystie put together to make getting things done do-able for regular folks like you and me.

Paperless Home Organization uses three free on-line products (Evernote, Remember the Milk and Google - calendar and email) to create a simple, effective, paper-less, home binder.  In this ebook, Mystie walks you through the set-up and use of each of these tools to create a system that is effective. GTD uses a bottom up method of organization, meaning they start with the minutia, create a system to deal with it and go from there. If you aren't a naturally detailed person, this system will help you remember what you would probably forget. If you are, this system will allow you to hone and refine your life. The bottom line is that Mystie's system can assist you in creating effectiveness and efficiency in your life so that you can get on to enjoying the good things.

The benefits:
1) Accessibility
2) Lack of clutter (I am so all about that!) - no more paper!
3) Affordable (the tools are free. Mystie's ebook practically is)
4) Ease- once you learn the system it's a snap to update.

The downside:  it's all on-line. Back up your stuff! Secondly, it does take a while to learn the new apps if you are not familiar with them. I liked some of the features and will fore-go others. Again, that's part of the beauty of the system- you create something that works for you. For just $3.99 it just makes sense!  

Simplified Dinners is a simple ebook that will assist you in setting up a pantry that works for you, creating a stream-lined approach to shopping and give you awesome meal ideas. If you struggle in the area of creating healthy meals, shopping within a budget and eating out because you can't get on top of cooking at home,  this is the tool for you! This would also be a terrific component to a practical living skills unit for Jr. or Sr. High school students. $12.99
Simplified Dinners Gluten Free/Dairy Free. As you may know, we've gone gluten and dairy free, along with no soy, corn or tomatoes and as a result eating and cooking has taken on a life of it's own. This book was timely in that it helped me to think outside of the black bean, couscous, salad box get our shopping list back under control and believe that we could eat in a way that was healthy and delicious,and affordable. Even if you are not eating gluten and dairy free, this is a great resource!

DISCOUNT: Mystie is offering 30% off of her e-books as part of the this review from May 20th to June 3rd. Just use the code TOS 2013! Enjoy!


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