Saturday, May 4, 2013

Just the Facts Review

You know when you've had pain for years and it's just so much a part of your life that you don't even now what it's like not to have it? Went to the turbo chiro Dr. Dh has been getting treated by. Even though he didn't do much because of the blood clot I have felt better than I have in 5 years. Day 2 with no knee, back or shoulder pain. It's such an odd and wonderful feeling NOT to hurt in all of the familiar places; to actually walk down the stairs rather than sliding along the wall...thank-God for healers.

And we continue to eat with no dairy, no gluten, sugar, milk or corn. I am mostly over giving up Greek yogurt for breakfast.
Made a killer stir fry this week- beef, collard greens, sauteed mushrooms, adzuka beans, over brown rice, seasoned wtih Spike. You can actually feel yourself getting healthier as you eat it!

Watched Extremly Loud, Incredibly Close this week. A heart wrenching film about 9-11 and a young boy coming to terms with his father's untimely death; beautiful portrayal of a family coping with loss and senseless destruction. So the review says it's treacly- had to actually look that up and it meant what  I thought it would- too sweet. I liked it anyway. And Batman- not sure why I had no idea it was so dystopian. LOL at all the wrong places watching Liam Neeson playing Quigon Jin in yet another movie, using an alias.

We did school but I don't remember much of what. Still kicking back the aspirin and keepign my leg elevated and sleeping way too much. Co-op is over and that always seems to signal to the kids that school is over, too. Au Contrair! They did make it to the symphony on Monday and Tutoring Center on Tuesday. Flower started soccer this week and braved the artic winds, rain and cold to play her first game.

Dr. Dh continues to knock out trim work on the 2nd floor. He's finished trimming out 5/ 8 windows and has all of the door trim cut and up, along wtih the long floor boards. It's true carpentry work. My husband is that odd and gifted combo of intellect and craftsman. Our house just gets better and better. Or maybe it's my husband that just keeps getting better and better? As Dorothy Sayers says, "I love you, I am at rest with you,  I have come home."

Speaking of which, while I've been dizzy and thick headed I've been reading Dorothy Sayers The Complete Stories instead of studying. Lord Peter is still my main man, Montague Egg, while a good, short read, has nothing on him. And am writing a critique of The Lost Tools of Learning. I haven't read it in a couple of years and it wasn't what I remembered.


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