Friday, March 1, 2013

Lone Star Learning - TOS Review

It's review week here at Golden Grasses and you are going to LOVE this one (I did ; )!
Introducing Target the Question  (from $59.00) from our new friends at Lone Star Learning.
Target the Question is an on-line interactive math program that is challenging, fun and provides real world examples of math application. It is a unique bulletin board product which presents the student with a weeks worth of  problems to solve based on an initial story problem. The student must eliminate extraneous information and effectively use problem solving strategies in order to solve each day's problem; often the problems rely on information the student has already solved earlier in the week. The student checks their answer each day by simply clicking the link.

My cell phone photography doesn't do justice to the great graphics but hopefully it will give you an idea of how it's set up. The program is accessible with a user name and password using an effective white board presentation; simple and sophisticated all at once. Each weeks' story problem is presented on the main screen. After reading the initial problem the student clicks on the question of the day. They can highlight information, check their solutions, work the problem on the white board and go back to the main menu.

We chose 7th grade Target the Question for Cub (7th grade) to work through, though you can choose grades 1 -7. Many of the problems were challenging for him and he really had to work hard to solve the problems. It's real world application, with all of the nuances and difficulties associated with story problems. That being said, how much do I love this program? Veddy, veddy much.

We've used various on-line programs from elementary to the graduate level and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Lone Star falls into the excellent category. The site is well designed, colorful without being busy, challenging without being overwhelming, easy to use (3 cheers!) and techno-savvy. Because it's digital and sophisticated it can hold the attention of even a non-mathy student such as my son. While Cub  might have dreaded the difficulty of the math being presented, he never dreaded turning on Target the Question.

 You'll want to spend some time checking out the other fantastic products at  Lone Star Learning. They have definitely made my "A" list of homeschoool curriculum companies! (p.s.- these great products would be a terrific supplement for any classroom teacher or after schooler as well!).

Content- excellent
Organization -excellent
Presentation - excellent

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