Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things I Won't Miss

Blogger won't load my fantabulous photos today. Which means Wordless Wednesday is out. So,  I'll just write about the the latest book I've read; Nora Ephron's I Remember Nothing.

 You know Nora. She is the wit who brought the world You've Got Mail and a bunch of other funny books and films (o.k. Silkwood wasn't that funny, but still).
I liked this book as much as I liked I Feel Bad About My Neck. The woman is funny. I like funny.

Beside funny, this book is bittersweet. Nora is a dedicated atheist and she is clear about her political and religious leanings. I don't agree with most of them, but I like her humor more than I dislike her occaisional critique of Christianity and the conservative right (some of which I agree with = not the faith or the belief, but the way that it is lived out by all of us fallen humans)  so I put up with them to get to the funny. Kinda like putting up with the Green in Green Tea to get to the antidioxidants. But I digress (hey, it's my gift ; ).

Back to bittersweet. Nora is getting older. She's sixty nine. I hope to heck I look as good as she does at her age. Honestly, I'd settle for it now. As they age she and her many charming friends are frequenting the MRI and CAT scan imaging centers, showing up for each others funerals and basically getting read to go on to the next inevitable stage of life; Death. As a confirmed atheist Nora is pragmatic about it, but bittersweet. I hope she finds HOPE before the inevitable day of demise.

The last 2 chapters of her book are "Things I'll Miss" and "Things I Won't Miss." I've been thinking about the things I won't miss. Here's my very short version (I'm melancholy. This list for me could go on for all eternity so I limited myself to 30 seconds).

Things I Won't Miss
Green Tea
Lima beans
mushy, canned asparagus
hairy eyebrows
conflict with people I love
conflict with people I barely know

Your turn. Give yourself 30 seconds: What's on your list of things you won't miss?


Faith said...

Things I won't miss:

1. traffic jams
2. Cosmopolitan magazine (spawn of the devil!)
3. constipation
4. war
5. starving children
6. racism
7. sore feet
8. the smell of burnt popcorn
9. migraines
10. angry people

I've never read Nora Ephron though I've seen her the movies she wrote. I'll have to try her out.

Redradtech said...

Things I won't miss.
working with rude people who treat you poorly
Being over weight
Foolish children
Messy house
Everything in my body breaking down
Pipes in the garden where I would like to plant

LaughingLioness said...

You guys both have GREAT lists!! I'm stealing from yours to add to mine ; )

Last Minute Mel said...

Thanks for the book recommendation...I love Nora's writing and will keep this in mind if I ever find the time to read again!!!