Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Striving, Blogging, Praying

True Confessions
When I do something I really do it.
 If I'm gonna have kids, I'm gonna have a bunch of kids.
If I'm gonna read, I'm gonna read a.lot.
Homeschool? For decades.
What's the good of one degree if you can have more?
You get the idea.
Some people might call that OCD. I prefer to think of myself as... passionate.

So, I figured, if I'm gonna blog, I'm gonna really blog. And I started getting stressed out cause it seemed like others (you know, the 18 million "others" in bloggerville), had more followers, more comments, a better page, or whatever. I was still committed to blogging but I started striving. Striving for what I don't even know. Just something....else.

So, I made a decision. Every time I started worrying about this blog, what it was or wasn't, I was going to pray for the people reading it. So I've been praying for you.
Praying that you are blessed, encouraged, built up, challenged, inspired.
 Praying that your day is full of joy, that you are content, that God's  love envelops you.
Praying that you are at peace.

My friend Mae (you are such a trouble maker, Mae!) shared an idea that she saw on another blog (which I can't find) and I want to share with you.

It's this.
 Leave your prayer request as a comment and I'll pray for you specifically.
When you leave your comment, spend a minute in prayer for the person who commented ahead of you.

You should know that I don't enter in to this lightly. I do not tell people I'll pray for them unless I do.
You should also know that I do not beleive in my ability to pray. I believe in the ability of the One I pray to; the One True Living God.

So, if you ask for prayer, know that I believe that God loves you, that He has a perfect plan for your life and that it is His good pleasure to hear and respond to the prayers of His people. The outcome of prayer is not my problem. But I know that I know that there will be an outcome to our praying. Just saying ; )I figured if I'm gonna pray, I'm gonna pray.for you. specifically.

That's it.
Ready? Let's go.

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Deb said...

Gotcha! Please pray for my oldest, 25, as she has been struggling with health issues since '09. Basically doesn't feel good on any day. Has IBS, had her gallbladder out, has bile reflux, food sensitives--no gluten, eggs, yeast, dairy, etc.--, feels God isn't there, not listening to her prayers for re-leaf, has pretty much given up on ever feeling good. This is quite a God thing as I was thinking about you and prayer just the other day!!!!

LaughingLioness said...

God's timing is pefect ; )

Redradtech said...

Prayed for Deb's prayers and for you Lisa. I need a refreshing in my life. I need to feel God in my spirit. Pray for revival in my family and that my children make wise choices from now on and that they remember their upbringing. Thank you Lisa for all you do

Laura said...

Perfect timing!

Our family is in MS, and our town had up to 5 tornadoes go through (we are still waiting to hear confirmation). We are all safe and very thankful.

Three families we know lost their homes. Please pray that all their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs will be met.


Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Please pray for my fellow Alabamians whose lives were devastated by the tornadoes this week.

Mrs. White said...

Such a sweet idea!

Mrs. White