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The Artist Within Program/ Book Give Away & Author Interview

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This is a 4 part interview that I'll post installments of each Thursday. The winner of the program/ book will be announced after the 4th interview installment on Thursday, May 6th. Enjoy reading and don't forget to stop back each Thursday to read more!
Whitney, how important is it for us to teach/train our kids to "be" creative?

It is so tremendously important right now—now more than ever. Have you read the Newsweek article, “The Creativity Crisis”? Google it right away if you haven’t. It is full of all the reasons why creativity is such an important skill for the future (including the IBM poll that named it the #1 Leadership Skill for the future).
What has happened is that we have put creativity in a box. OR, imagine an iceberg. We all know that we can only see the very tip, such a small % of the whole, from the surface. That is how creativity has been in our culture for so long. The only part of it we chose to see is the crafty, great-for-kids and the “Martha Stewart’s” of the world, but not necessary.
Our sense of HOPE is directly tied to our confidence in our ability to CREATE change. The opposite is the victim mentality. We want our kids to be filled with hope about their lives and to know that it is, ultimately, their responsibility to CREATE the life they desire. This is where traditional school lets us down, and where, as homeschoolers, we have such opportunity. The real world is not at all like “School”. The real world doesn’t assign you a schedule, that if you complete will result in rent, benefits, happiness, etc. Our kids will have to create their life from the ground up.
For example, when I taught clay to K-2nd graders (maybe 3rd and 4th too) they would have a blast! When it got to junior high, the kids would start the clay project and then I would find them just sitting there. “What is up?” I would ask. “IT isn’t working.” BIG shift from the younger kids. I explained that IT did not do anything unless we did. So, is it too fat, too tall, too thin? What don’t you like and how can we change it? Just like life. IT doesn’t do anything automatically, WE are the artists of our life. This is the connection you make with creativity education with your kids.

Thanks, Whitney!
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Heidi said...

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Wonderful post. Doing everything I can to encourage my son's creativity. Unconditional support with encouragement and advice. No criticism. Signed up for the newsletter. Thanks.

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