Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Artist Within Program/Book Give Away and Author Interview

It's time for Part III of my interview with artist, author and creativity coach, Whitney Ferrere. When you are done reading, sign up to win    
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This is part three of my interview with author, creativity guru and artist, Whitney Ferrere. Enjoy!

How easy would it be to incorporate "creativity/art" training in our homeschool program and how will it benefit the homeschool student /mom and other classes.
Here is the beautiful part about my approach, at Creatively Fit, to creativity training. JUST DO IT! Honestly, our mind responds just like a muscle, so the more you do it, the better and stronger it gets. FIRST STEP for you: keep blank paper and markers, etc. in the kitchen. STEP TWO (for older kids): keep how to draw books around. As they get older, kids want to draw things more realistically. Provide them with the tools they need. THREE: Give each kid a sketch book. When they are bored, upset, in a tizzy, or needing an idea let them draw or make a collage from old magazines.
When my fifth grader and I study history, we always draw something from the chapter. When she is preparing for a writing paper, she writes ideas and looks for pictures to go along with her ideas.
Kids learn so many different ways. Attaching the visual element adds another way. I am sure many of you do this already. A HUGE part of this is simply to set the INTENTION to encourage your child’s creativity BECAUSE you know they are, in the process, learning invaluable life skills.
I have written a whole book about this, 33 Things to Know About Raising Creative Kids is available on my site at and, really, my other book, The Artist Within, is the perfect companion because it has even more activities, Creativity Workouts, that kids will love!

Thanks, Whitney!
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I am following your blog! Found you at HHSM.
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Debi said...

I also signed up for the newsletter. Interesting!

CSterken said...

I am signing up for your blog, found it on a blog hop and I am so glad! I am encouraged by several things on it, the homeschooling stories as well as the 52 books in a year idea! Blessings, Christa

LaughingLioness said...

Debi and Christa-
So glad you are both here! I pray that what you read will bless you!