Friday, April 15, 2011

A Literary Week; Complete with Drizzle and Blessings

The Artist Within. Check out the GREAT give away and author interview that Whitney Ferre has so generously contributed and sign up to win a FREE program!
The Simarillon Feeche has been reading this to Cub every evening. Love that.
Shipwrecked Part of the Story of the World IV Activity Guide. Excellent read.
The Littles We are quickly making our way through the series. Flower has been reading chapters on her own
I Can't Remember Anything Nora is funny. My review here.
Love & Respect Good stuff.

Tangled. Actually funny. Went to the Red Box to rent Waiting For Superman but they didn't have it. I'm 73 on the library queue. Not sure if I have the patience to wait that long. Tangled was a good replacement. Watched it with the fam, eating popcorn and cracking jokes the whole time. Fun times.
Salt.  Transgendered Bourne. I like Bourne better though I've been a fan of  Liev Schreiber since Kate & Leopold.
Friendly Persuasion An old Disney movie about the Civil War.

Cub is well into Singapore story problems Grade . Ran in to a problem I didnt' get even looking at the answer key. It's challenging stuff. Excellent math, logic and thinking skills.
Found a partially used Horizons 4 math book I'm filling in with Flower. She is nailing place value and division.
Writing With Ease with Flower and Friends. Dictation is work for them but I so see the benefits with Cub.
Story of the World IV. The hours and hours of listening to SOTW CD's are serving the kids well. I love the outlining included.
Battle of the Light Brigade this week. In Section II of IEW's Linguistic Devleopment Through Poetry Memorization and one of the notsolittles fav poems. It's a great narrative.
Cub is one lesson away from finishing his writing program. It has been excellent. A paper a week. It's challenged him but he has grown tremendously.
Feeche wrote another paper, ordered his last books from the library Flannery O'Conner's Everything that Rises Must Converge, A Good Man is Hard to Find andBarn Burning. He's been having a blast working on Oral Interp as well as MacBeth for Shakespeare.
 The kids thrill to our co ops Music program each week. The songs are excellent, "Always Friends," "Kyrie," and so many other beautiful, soul stirring, uplifting words and music. They sing throughout the week and when one starts a song, the others will join in. Our Friday mornings are so rich. The music alone is worth it, but we also get the added bonuses of art, unit studies, friendship. Worth every. single.penny and the hour long drive.

Reconsidered our weekly grocery budget in light of this

Milk for only $3 a gallon. It's almost a toss up: A gallon of milk or a gallon of gas. They are both pushing 4 bucks a gallon. How much where you live?

Discussed Colloquialims
Ya'll, All Ya'll, Youse and Yurn. And borrowed you that. How do ya'll talk?

Spring Taunts Us
Had a couple of lovely spring days. One of which I sat at a park with my beautiful inside and out,refined by fire, solid gold friend, Ann. Later that day had the pleasure of hanging out with joyful.,beautiful inside and out, God crazy Mae. Talked with my beautiful insdie and out dear friend Myrna on the phone who continues to testify to God's glory and goodness despite challenges and trials. God continues to churn up and heal past stuff. Winter has taken a long time this year. I'm ready for spring in my own head and in our corner of the world. Thank God for good friends, husbands and children that love and laugh and accept me where I'm at. I am blessed.
 Turned the heat back on and pulled on sweaters and socks . A winter storm warning for the western part of the state complete with snow. Wind, rain and just barely above freezing temps. Spring, where art thou?

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Michele said...

Thank you for the links and reviews!
I'm a "y'all" kind of girl myself!

Mary said...

Milk is $2.92 a gallon and gas is $3.67 a gallon. I guess it is a given that I am disgusted by this.

That said, I think I will run out and have dinner with the President. {sarcasm}

Great week!

Daisy said...

We love Friendly Persuasion! The book is really wonderful also. It sounds like you had a lovely week.

WildIris said...

DD~13 says the Simarillon is essential to understanding Lord of the Rings. I am not a fantasy fan, so I've never read either. Give short stories and I'm happy.

We watched Tangled too. The kids loved it.

Gas: $4.19 a gallon
Milk: $3.29 a gallon
North of SF Bay Area. Gas is cheaper in the city. I laugh when I talk to my son who now lives in Tenn. He talks with that y'all drawl.

Laurie said...

1. Spring is taking its sweet time getting to Germany as well! 2. I say "Y'all. 3. Gas is well over $8/gal last I heard. Thankfully we get ours on the base for prices similar to the US.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I'm reading a middle grade (could also be YA, given the protagonist's age) based-on-fact novel, Heart of a Samurai by Margi Preus, that is also about John Mung (Manjiro), the subject of Shipwrecked. So far, the story is excellent. I'll try to come back here and leave a link when I publish my review.

Sounds like you had a full week!

LaughingLioness said...

Amy, I'm looking forward to your review. What a fascinating like Manjiro led, eh?
Looks like gas and milk are in the ballpark (cept Germany! Ouch!). I'm finding prices on food going up, up, up. Can't wait to be getting food from the garden ;)

Karen said...

We worked on colloquialisms this week too. We're planning a summer trip to the very deep south. I know I also need to teach my kids to speak more slowly or my relatives will never understand them. As a 42 year-old professional and geek, I still say ya'll, even in emails.

Terrific week, again.

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Wow, you must type fast. Yes, co-op rocks. It has been the highlight of our homeschool week for... 6 years!
Glad to have you there!
Flannery o'connor is my favorite American writer, but difficult to read. I hoped i helped them make sense of her writing when I came in their class last week. Isabel said it helped.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Here's the link to the review I promised:

It's a great story!