Friday, April 8, 2011


This week

We Studied
Flower finished off her Singapore story problems book, the Rod and Staff Manners book and continued to rock through ETC 8, narration and dictation with WWE 2.
Cub finished up the last chapter from History (he loved it, Mrs. BH did a fabulous job on the workbook!), wrote 3 papers (We LOVE you, Mrs. G!!) for Tutoring Center and is 2 Bridges away from finished LoF Fractions. Both notsolittles did 2 Minute Math pages a day.
Feeche read, wrote, studied, memorized, Chem, Poetry, Lit, Math.

Played in the Dirt
Started scores of plants indoors this week; basil, tomatoes, beets, and tons more. Turned a couple of garden beds, picked up debris from the beds and the yard, plotted and planned just what will go where. Assessed the yard. Oy vey.

Finished up Half the Church (there is still time to sign up for a free hard back copybook. Comment here). Started Nora Ephron's I Remember Nothing which is, of course, funny. Decided I should really get serious and read a classic but talked myself out of it.

Social Networking. Many similarities with Flash of Genius. Technological know-how coupled with shallow content or plain old theft. Seriously. Same story, different verse.
The notsolittles are still on their Charlie Brown kick. They've been huge comic book fans for years, favs being Calvin and Hobbes, of course, as well as many others. A friend told me today that comic book therapy is part of what her Aspie son does to understand social relationships and cues. Who knew?
The Book of Matthew. Good stuff. Fulfilling.

Laid Down on the Job
MRI this a.m. Love the question, "Are you claustrophobic." Honestly, no, I am not. Until you threaten to put me in a coffin like tube for 45 minutes where I have to lay perfectly still and have a huge throbbing noise going on and off. Then, I seriously consider being claustrophobic. Love open MRI's. Whoever created them deserves to the be millionaire that they undoubtedly are. LOVE medical personnel who are considerate, caring and kind. Because, while I'm not normally claustrophobic and I regularly medi-phobic. Hopefully we'll know what's next for my knee soon so that I can get to moving again. I am so totally looking forward to taking a good long walk.

Felt Old
A couple of times this past year I've felt old. Like when I'm talking to a young homeschooling Mom and realize that, in reality, I could be their Momma or that I've homeschooled twice the number of years that they've been married.
Or when the gal at the MRI clinic, assumed I was too old to answer in the affirmative a whole slew of questions and called me "Ma'am" and "Mrs." the entire morning.
Or when a younger gal asked me if I seriously didn't get how to work the photo upload link. Ummm, no.
And when I see someone write, "I heart that." I just can't do it. Give me the verb people. A verb, please. (Miss. R will now play "Dramatization of when Mom lost her mind at the McD's drive-through and read, "Yeah we take em' " and launched in to the end of the world as we know it speech. Hey, world view lessons are out there everywhere).
Or when I look at my dh, who looks at me, and we are battle worn, stretched and scarred and gray and out of shape and, seriously, limping around.
But then I didn't feel too old cause, you know, my husband and I still wake up in the morning and, most days, talk and laugh together and still think that the other one is all that, (if you kwim). And I think that, you know, growing old is not so bad, if you've invested well.

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Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I feel old these days, too. I think it's because I had my first child at 30 and now at 37 I have a ten month old.

Your post makes me want to go out back and work in our little square foot garden.

Karen said...

I'm glad you're finally getting some spring. You've had a long winter. Enjoy your garden planning. I completely agree with you about verbs.

You are terrific.

musicalmary said...

I love your needing a VERB - I am that way, too -- good grammar should know no age boundaries, right?

I enjoyed reading about your week - thanks for a great post!

I also read your article today at The Homeschool Village - very helpful!


Sunshine Cottage said...

Always great to read your posts Lisa. At almost 41 I'm dragging these days. Though I despise the humidity,the FL sunshine does amazing things for me mentally/emotionally.
Stopped by for some book suggestions as I head out for my Saturday afternoon library excursion :) You always find the best reads!
Kathy in FL

(P.S. Thanks for the Sea to Shining Sea suggestion AND workbook. We're finally doing CC next year and I think it will tie in nicely with next year's cycle)

LaughingLioness said...

I love your comments ; ). Thanks for all of the validation, blogger friends!! You've made my day, once again!!

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

Totally agree about the MRI, I needed to take something so I didn't freak out. I am terribly medical-phobic too:)
Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!

servingHimblind said...

I seriously laughed out loud on a few points. :-) You are a great writer, and I love exchanging battles of wit and slander with you ;-) Thanks for sharing! I miss gardening with you!!!

servingHimblind said...

p.s. I heart your blog ;-)

Mary said...

Love this! We love Charlie Brown and Calvin & Hobbes :)

LaughingLioness said...

I heart u 2, girlfriend!

Phyllis said...

I LOVE this post. I know what you mean about feeling old. LOL I know what you mean as I was 43 when I had my last baby.