Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Legacy Cont.

My friend Mae, (the crazy for God one) and I were talking earlier today about the definition of success.  Mae has some challenges in life, one small one being a 3 year old very special needs daughter. They adopted her from Haiti and if she wasn't living in their house, there is no doubt that she'd be dead. This adoption has cost her entire family in terms of money, energy, sleep and probably years off of their lives, though they embrace her as their own. Yet Mae wonders, as do I, if what we, as homeschooling, stay at home moms,  are investing in is "worth it," i.e. generating success. When I look at this child in her arms, very much alive,  I think,  "Yes!"

Maybe you are different than Mae and I and never wonder if what you are investing in is "worth it," generating "success," creating a "legacy."

Honestly, I want my kids to succeed.  But then we come back to defining success. In my more shallow (though Mae says, "not shallow, worldly") moments I define success simply as making money. Having the American Dream; choices, wealth, freedom. But then I read a book like "Daughter of China" and I think that in light of others who will risk torture and death for the name of Jesus, that's much too narrow of a definition. It might not be good enough at all.

And I consider family members whose lives are already completed and consider what they were successful at, or not. Some leave behind a legacy of self;  their lives having been determined by individualism. Others leave behind a legacy of giving at costs that were great to them.

Homeschooling is part of the legacy I'm leaving my kids. Some days I do it very well. Some days I fail. Some days academics reign and some days, like yesterday, we work on character issues and read aloud and discuss the Bible for hours at a time. It's a time of great fellowship and sharing, growing together and strengthening each other in the Lord. And I think, how many families do that? This one does. Our kids think that's normal. It's part of the legacy my husband and I are knitting into the fabric of our kids and our family and we trust that it will be a strong thread that lasts far beyond our selves.

What legacies are you creating?

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Redradtech said...

How wonderful! I often wonder what legacy I am really leaving my children.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Thanks for this reminder!