Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Faces behind 2 Books

My husband (the one who rocks) has been saying for years that we, as a culture, are growing more technologically intelligent and more relationally challenged. I can't help but agree.

The kids and I listened to the Bible today as we drove around town, getting through most of Matthew. It's a radio drama and my family being what it is, dramatic and all, had some serious comments about the quality of drama going on. Nevertheless, it was a great way to fill the time and we paused the CD every so often to answer questions and talk about context or people. It was wholesome and good.

Later I watched Social Networking, based on the book Accidental Billionaires. It shows brilliant people, in a brilliant environment, playing  brilliant games, taking advantage of relationships and agreements. Honor makes way for entitlement. Zuckenberg is portrayed as an idiot savant. Technologically brilliant but completely lacking in social skills in the extreme. To the point of disorder.

I had a friend who attended Harvard years ago when we lived in CT and I would drive to Boston and visit her, walking around campus and taking in the sites. It seemed like such a place of history and a bastion of knowledge. The movie portrays it as a den of inequity. Probably not much different from many institutes of higher learning. But what really stood out to me was that Harvard, like much of the academy, is really about training people in the ways of the world. The Ivy's just do it with a vengeance, breeding overlords and tyrants.

Lest you think I disdain higher ed you couldn't be more wrong. My husband and I have more degrees between us than children. It's not education that I have a problem with. It's the culture that the education is transmitting.

The contrast between Jesus, the Man of the Book and Zuckenberg, the Man behind Facebook are vast. One, who holds the world in His hand, humble and just, proclaiming love. The other, who holds brilliance in his hand, self absorbed and entitled, proclaiming ownership. 

Two Faces. Two Books. Two Jews. One who embraces atheism.
One who makes all things new.

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