Thursday, October 30, 2008

WR: still campaining

KB worked with Tammy a couple of days this week on her campaign. She came home drained one day - some of the other helpers spent a lot of time talking about how ridiculous it is to learn grammar in addition to sharing their views that the world was going to end soon. I don't think that KB felt particularly edified by the exchange, especially as she is now teaching grammar on Fridays.
The littles continue to move forward on Latin and are having a lot of fun throwing around Latin vocab and sayings. We finally got a CD for the Foundations memory work so Flower has been singing the Monroe Doctrine song for whoever has ears to hear! Flower is reading ETC 2 with ease, though she'd rather be doing the ETC pages that focus on writing than reading. She has been leaving adorable little notes all around the house and made me a "little Bible." She continues to be the coloring/craft queen and spent a lot of time this week doing Kumon workbooks- mazes, cut and paste and crafts. They're all good! She officially started math becasue she's had too much time on her hands and she is thrilled that she gets it!
Cub is almost done with his 2nd science book for the year. I think I'll have him read "The History of Science" next. He is cruising through math; working on carrying with addition. He started throwing a fit about doing school today but came back in a minute and apologized!! woohoo!
Feche Boy is happy to read, write, draw and do math but doesn't really want to do Omnibus assignments or Logic. Not sure what is up with that other than that it he has to think on a different level.
The weather was beautiful today and we took a loong walk. The boys came back home through the fields while Flower played at the river waiting for them.

The kids want to tackle another neighborhood for Initiative 11 in the afternoon so I think we'll forgo art and hit the streets. They are all invested in this election on many different levels. The opposition has brought in some big dogs for this one. Seems to me, that's a good sign.


Rhonda said...

It looks like you had a wonderful week.
How great that your kids are so interested in the election-it is wonderful to get them thinking about that at young ages.
I think it is so precious that your little one made you a little Bible. :)

Tonia said...

Aww that's sweet - a little Bible :0) Looks like a good week!

My Two Blessings said...

Sounds Good. Campaigning is fun when you have a vested interest in it. I remember years ago when my dad ran for the georgia state senate. We had a lot of fun.

Robin of mytwoblessings