Saturday, October 11, 2008

Golden Grasses

As a freshwoman in college I had the incredible privilage of going on a "Wilderness Pre-Term;" a month-long backpacking trip to the High Uintas of Utah. It was one of those gifts in life that I'll never forget. We gave each other "Indian names" (I'm over 40, k, so political correctness wasn't yet a cult), my best friend of the year gave me the moniker of "Laughing Lioness of the Golden Grasses." As a Leo (B.C. and back when it meant something significant to me) I thought that was pretty cool.

Lately I've used it as my on-line i.d. for a couple of different reasons. A) It's fun. B) As a Xian I dig that the Lion of Judah roars over us. I want to be part of that pride and tribe. C) I am a lover of all things Narnia and C.S. Lewis.

I was thinking today about what the point of this blog is. A lot of it has to do with creating and learning and writing. But the point of all of that is to share our family culture. Our goal is to create a beautiful family culture and writing and creating a space that celebrates that clarifies what it is I'm doing. It's cathartic in that way, much the same way scrapbooking is for me. Depsite all of the rocky roads and stuff life throws at ya, the kids still smile and pick flowers and exclaim over the snapping turtle in the yard and we still celebrate and live a pretty good life. I'm liking the title "Golden Grasses" because it's a good metaphor for what this is about. The mundane things, like grass, which is everywhere. Like raising children, and homeschooling, and cooking and reading outloud and living our faith when God seems distant and when God seems right close. And creating something from that everyday, normal, ordinary and seeing it as golden and precious and extraordinary.

I like to think of myself as a Laughing Lioness. I don't laugh enough though I am strong and opinonated as I imagine a true lioness would be. But I think the Golden Grasses fits just right.

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