Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My not so Wordless Wednesday decorating victory & dilemma.

A sampling of the cabinets and counter top that Mom & Dad VikingFam brought from Nuncle Eils biz bldg. Isn't it lovely? This replaces the industrial metal counter that we had under the window leaving a 2 foot gap between the counter and the stove. The best part - they are standard height as opposed to 6" below standard that the originals are. Can't wait to replace the rest!

Still in decision making mode regarding the trim and 3 solid wood doors . The wood is ash- a beautiful hard wood and really gorgeous once the stain is removed. The problem- there is a LOT of it and after 80 years the stain and the ash have done the zen thing and become one. I'd like to go for the refinished look but I don't want to do it myself and therin lies the dilemma. Also, wall color. I like the intense, color drenched look. Viking Man thinks that wall colors should be white, off-white, eggshell white or cream white - can anyone besides me say snore? The ceilings are 10' - which gives the feeling of either a) spaciousness or b) Mammoth Cave, reinforced by the white on white color scheme. Decisions, decisions , of which I've made few in regards to this room.

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