Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One Issue & the State of the Union.

I've been accused just recently of making my vote be about one issue. This came in response to the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIdbYjmbFzo that proves that infanticide is occuring in the great state of Illinois.

While I appreciate this persons concern in thinking that I am a one-dimensional voter that is hardly the case. My reason for sending them the video clip was to let them know that the candidate they support legislates and endorses infanticide. These are babies born vaginally, babies that are issued birth certificates, and babies that are left to die. They are not killed in the womb. Once born they are murdered by health care professionals in collusion with parents, the government and us. I am grieved that so many choose to see the significance of this. It goes far beyond an “abortion issue” but gets to the heart of a nation. Do we choose life or death? Healthy countries and governments choose life. Those that are dead or dying embrace death. Do a little research on the fall of Greece, Rome, France during the reign of Napoleon or Germany under the leadership of Hitler, Cambodia under the leadership Pol Pot, etc. ad naeseum and you will find that abortion, infanticide, euthanasia are always a large part of the culture before it’s ultimate destruction. The weak and the powerless are always the first to go under the umbrella of "choice" or "cultural cleansing." It's as if the culture gives up, willingly and by choice, it's ability to be progenerative. I see this as an extension of a post-modern culture who is deciding what is "noise" and what to do about it. Clearly, the exhuberant cries of an unwanted newborn infant are considered expendable noise by many.

Reproduction is political. Check out China's "One-child Rule." In seminary I worked with a young Chineese woman who whispered (she was afraid of being overheard by the wrong people) about how spouses were seperated to keep them from reproducing and forced abortions and sterilization. It's nothing new, reproduction and freedom over ones children has been a political issue for thousands of years (see Exodus 1:22- if you don’t consider the Bible as an authoritative source it shouldn’t be too hard to do some research on the Pharaohs or other ancient rulers ). Planned Parenthood is an excellent example of an organization that was formed and continues to be used as a political and social control agent. The intent of the organization was eugenics, and it has succeeded well in that. For more info on that I would encourage you to read the biography of Margaret Sanger by George Grant (one of the great minds of our time and researcher extraordinaire), titled, “Angel of Death.” Sanger made no apologies for the fact that her goal with PP was to rid the world of blacks. On that point it has done exceedingly well as 50% of black pregnancies end in abortion. Ironically, blacks like Obama that support PP are colluding with an organization that originated with the vision of destroying their race.

Abortion is just one issue and there are clearly more that should be considered in this presidential election: the economy and the war in Iraq among others. But I'm a pragmatist and I believe in getting to the heart of issues. While I won't be voting for Obama for many reasons, his willingness to usher in and embrace a culture of death is a leading factor.

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