Friday, October 17, 2008

Week in Review

It was another beautiful week for walking...or running...

School-wise it felt like a week to push through. The kids and I were in a daze the first half of the week- serious weather change or what I'm not sure. I had to wake people up in the mornings and Cub and Flower have both been complainig of needing more sleep.
By Wednesday it felt that we were back up to speed and we did get some things done.

Flower continues to do a lesson a day in AlphaPhonics and 4 pgs in ETC. She can do all the VP cards in order by memory (8 a week) and is loving poetry. We are memorizing Rebecca Who Slammed Doors for Fun and Perished Miserably by Helaire Belloic and she lOVES it. It is hysterical to watch her theatrics as she recites. We also finished John 1 this week and she has it down cold. She has really gotten into the counting thing and I need to get more serious about doing math every day. We've continued with playing ed CD's and her little auditory self is eating them up!.

Cub can memorize anything about once through (though the Latin Bible verse is still a challenge). School is a breeze for him and he loves it all but math, which he does fine with, he just has to think about it.

Feche-Boy wrote out his confession this week (Omni II- Augustine's Confessions.) Shock to me, but he didn't know that an indentation marked the beginning of a paragraph. I'm not sure who was more mortified by the discovery- him or me! He is loving the math tutoring with Dad as well as the Traditional Logic. It seems that no matter how much work we give him he always ends up with free time. I have to watch not loading him down.

KB is not loving the math tutoring with Dad but is glad that she is getting some concepts that were previously a mystery. She is helping a friend with her campaign for the state legislature, which consists mainly of mailings, but next week there are some banquets that she can attend, too. Tomorow she is going to begin teaching the Jr. Highers at co-op sentence diagramming and grammar as well as some basics of speech.

We didn't do a read-aloud this week, which is unusual for us and I have a feeling we'll be doing some homework on Saturday again, too.

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servingHimblind said...

Sorry, but had to work REALLY hard at not laughing hysterically about the indentation thing with 'feche boy'. Tell him to come here. The Style Manual thingy for all the papers I have to write is... my... new... challenge... hehe.