Friday, October 10, 2008

Week 6 Weekly Report

Another week that whizzed by. The weather has been incredible- fall pefection! The kids have begged to be in it so we've taken lots of time to enjoy the outdoors; including a nice long walk with the kids, up the hill, with a great view of our entire valley. The kittens followed and then got scared on the way back.

KB and Feche-Boy continued working through Traditional Logic, Math (Viking Man tutored them this week) and Poetry. KB is working through IEW's Progymnasta and FB continues on with Omnibus II. He started Confessions by Augustine this week. While he loves the reading he is not so thrilled about the lessons, which in my opinion is what makes the program so great. He is definitely gettting a writing work-out this year. The drawing lessons during co-op have really sparked his committment to drawing again and he and KB stayed up late one night, both working on beautiful drawings- KB can really capture movement.

Cub is cruisin' through the science book: The World Around Us and between that and Ranger Rick is constantly sharing fun facts to know and tell about the natural world. Of course, these facts are interspersed with tidbits about the world of bionicles and star wars- my well-rounded renaissance boy!

Flower is seeing words everywhere and sounded out several of the states names while were playing the "States Game" this week. It is a blast to see how thrilled she when she gets it. She's been going around singing, "I'm a verb, verb, verb, I'm an action word" - got that right! KB got on a roll with that and ended up attributing parts of speech to all of us....pretty darn funny!

We continued on with Bible, sometimes after dinner, but the kids all got out drawing pads while I read. IEW's Poetry is going just fine. We listened to the next set of 20 poems and decided to take 2 out and sub with something else. The 2 were deemed "just weird" by Feche Boy and KB hates the one, so we'll find something else to spend our time on.

I just discovered that VP has 160 Bible timeline cards as well as history. Another discovered irritation with Foundations- why on earth do they just intersperse parts of the first Bible pack in to the history timeline? Why don't they do the whole thing? or do both timelines?

We are off- to co-op today and the other mom with older kids wants to do speech, Fallacy Detective and diagramming so I think we're going to peel off the older kids to do that instead of having them stay for review and geography. KB is going to led the speech class. Tomorrow we'll be doing some Latin, phonics and another Math tutoring session. A friend loaned me this beautiful old book of the Gospels- English on one side and Latin on the other with hand-tinted pictures in the middle. We are almost done memorizing first John in Latin and English so I'm going to copy out a couple more verses.

For now, off to co-op...

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Rhonda said...

Sounds like a very productive week! We've spent a lot of time outdoors this week also-this time of year is hard to resist.
That English/Latin Bible sounds wonderful.
I hope you have a wonderful week-end.