Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Love

Our Monday horse/lit study is ovah. It was a blast. 9 girls, 4 Marguerite Henry books, maps, drawing, horse stuff, lunch, swimming.

The girls made notebooks: sections for geography, breeds, horse info, tack, drawing, etc.

Feeche is almost done with Alg. II, everyone's been reading like mad. Redwall, et al, with a few of my picks thrown in for good measure and brain development ; ).


I finally finished Dorothy L. Sayers: The Centenary Collection. Several lovely essays by lit nerds about one of the finest. Topics ranged from Lord Peter, DLS's unique life and education, her family, women's issues, DLS's lit clubs, mystery writing and Dante.
A great mind, though a unique personality (hey, I can relate to at least 1/2 of that!) and a devoted follower of Christ.

Front Cover

Currently reading Lord Peter: a collection of short stories and enjoying them. My dear friend Shari has recommened Kierkegaard's book Provocations. Time to dust off the library card, (and my brain) again.

The 4 Best Days of Summer. Yeah, Baby.


The kids hauled all of the homeschool curriculum downstairs and we off-loaded the living bookshelves and library cart, too. I then made bins for each of the kids with this years curriculum in it, made a bin of stuff we are doing together, made one bin of stuff we are saving and put the rest in bins to sell/give-away. We can now put the cubbies in bedrooms, and use the library cart for library books.

School room pics? Here's my grand plan from last year. Reality is, our closests still house trim not clothes and we've been too busy to build more bookshelves. Reality:  school is allovahthehouse.

We got the big screen up in the living room, and Dr. Dh added speakers. We've been having fun watching old favs on the big screen and noticing details we've missed. Fiddler on the Roof was the pic of the week. My sisters and I memorized the entire script in 4th grade via record, which we played over and over and over. The kids were totally making fun of my operatic sing-along as the moving played.


Of course my fav scene is the grave-yard dream. Totally creeped me out as a child, but the singing- Oy vey. Love it!

It was slim garden pickings this year with the drought. We planted more potatoes than we dug. And everything is ready now-- which makes me a bit nervous about how early winter will come. We've heard from lots of farmers that its' going to be an early and hard winter. The river is dried up in many places and our neighbor said that since he's been farming here in '78, it's the worst year he's every seen.
That being said, we have a decent crop of tomaotes, broccoli, eggplant, pesto and peppers- eggplant parmigan has been delish and we are drying tomatoes.
Ready for fall? I have details to sort- like how to fit everything in and how the co-op classes are going to flow. We still have a couple of house projects I want to get done before the pace of fall starts in.
We have a winner for the Element 83 Give-away!

What are your end-of-summer plans?


Cecilia Rodriguez Schwartz said...

Re #5: My sisters and I were big fans of the Matchmaker song! And since our dad is big on tradition, that song was put to good use too! Goodness, that brings back some great memories!

Enjoyed your Quick Takes! :)

Dottie said...

Love #5. My kids always yell at me for singing along with movies, especially my teenager. :-)

I'm really looking forward to fall but I hope you're wrong about a long hard winter.