Saturday, August 18, 2012

Homeschool STEM Studies

STEM studies at home can be daunting for several reason.
Our solution?
Two words.
 Lego League (good it is).

Meetings have started, brainstorming has commenced, goals have been set and Legos unpacked.
It's gonna be a GREAT year.
The competition has 4 areas:
Programming (robotics)
Technical Briefing

Mrs. Imp (engineer- how cool is that?) dividing the group into 2 teams; one to build, one to do teamwork exercises. See the white-board covered with notes in the background? That's our hour of brainstorming, presentation and team-work activities, including getting the concpets Gracious Professionalism and Co-opertition (both TM's by LL)
Teamwork. One communicator, one listener, 2 sets of legos that are exactly the same. The communicator describes what he's building to the listener and at the end of the alloted time they compare what they've built.

Legos unpacked, sorted and ready to build with!

Checking mission directives.

Blond, lego-loving buddies.

Gorgeous girlies- working on team building- NO peeking!!

Working hard at following directions.

For more info about Lego League, go to FIRST LEGO League.
STEM learning, at its finest!