Friday, August 24, 2012

End of Summer Projects

I turned 50 this week. Egads, I am half a century old. I have heard it said that the 40's are the old age of youth and the 50's are the youth of old age. A new season. Bring it on.
Presents from near and far included gift cards, cake, balloons, salutations, cool jewlery, a scarf and lovely cards. (I'm buying Ticket to Ride tomorrow- it's been on my wish list for awhile, thanks to Ana).
It's good to be loved.

We hauled brick from a 1920's building tear-down in our small Territories town about 8 years ago. Dr. Dh built our front side-walk out of it, and we are finally getting to the side yard walk-way with it. Feeche  started on it and we ended up pulling it all up and starting again. This time with stakes, string and rulers in hand or on belt loops, and Dad around to show how it's done. In the process we are covering over yet another old cistern (the property is rife with them) that is an ugly bare patch in the yard.

The girls got in on playing in the dirt and KB and Flower moved poenies from where the front fence was to another border area. We're gonna solarize the ground and put current bushes in; more edible landscaping.
Not only that but Feeche sanded doors while KB stained them. We think the old door knobs and fixtures are brass so we'll be cleaning them up and seeing how they look.

Got the play table and chairs finished. Love it. Really truly.

Key holder up and holding keys- 4 drivers, 2 cars and not enough keys.
One old rake, cleaned and spray painted and mounted on the wall.
Thanks for the brilliant idea, Mae!

Worked on kids schedule for fall. It's going to be full and busy. Started getting books in the mail from my big Amazon purchasing spree on Monday. I just need to get co-op and TC classes squared away; figure drawing and WWS I.

Lord Peter : The Complete Lord Peter Wimsey Stories
I finished Lord Peter this week. Almost 500 pages of short stories about Lord Peter by Dorothy Sayers. Not as rich as the novels and not all murder mysteries. Still, DLS imitible style shines, her word-smithing is inspiring, and Tall Boys gives us a glimpse of Peter as "Dad." It's been a great 9 months delving into the Wimsey Vane stories and getting to know DLS through them. It's been a lovely peek into one of the great minds of the last century.


A terrible accident happend on the hill above our valley. Not 1, but 2 helicopters came to the rescue. Our family has  been the grateful recipient of a medi-vac trip, when KB was rushed to the hosptial with a skull fracture that left her brain exposed.

Thanking God for first responders and a sober reminder to slow down on country roads.


Mary said...

The table and chairs turned out cute!

Caitilin said...

Happy birthday, Lisa! Love you!

Julie Holmansky said...

The chairs and table are GORGEOUS!!!!! Nice work!

Redradtech said...

Well, I shall turn 55 this week!! I am mid way to 60. I have lost 22 lbs int he last 2 months with 40 to go. Hopefully I can hit 60 with all my weight gone. Happy

Teaching Stars said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!

TechWife said...

Happy Birthday!