Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Curriculum for 2012-13 School Year

We have a wealth of options this year! Having only 3 kids to plan for, all excellent, independent readers makes things a whole lot easier. We are using a LOT of Memoria Press again this year. We love the lay-out, open and go format, classical bent, memory work and supporting a company that is solid AND cutting ede.
I also don't list the literature or read-alouds that we'll inevitably make use of. For regular updates on our on-going love affir with all thing literary, check out my weekly reports, and Literary Living Board on Pinterest. 
Rock Climbing Field Trip
Flower- 4/5th grade
Math: MME, Singapore Story Problems
History: Famous Men of Modern Times; MP's American History and Famous Men of Greece
English: IEW’s Poetry Memorization; Writing With Ease IV or MP's Classical Composition; Sequential Spelling; Rod and Staff Grammar
Latin: Latina Christiana
MP Geography
Co-op: Art, Chorale, Unit Study
Drama Camp; Lego League

One Room Schoolhouse Field Trip


Cub -rising 7th grade
Math: MME, Singapore Story Problems; Perplexors;
HX: FMOMT; MP's American Studies and FMOG
Science: Pre-Physics (TC); Apologia’s Gen Science
English: WWSI (TC); Classical Compotion; Memorize Horatius at the Bridge; Sequential Spelling
Latin: Finish FFI; FFII
MP Geography
Word Processing
Art (TC)
Co-op: Art (figure drawing), Chorale, unit study (science/ media)
Drama Camp; Lego League
State Lego League Competition
Feeche -rising 12th grade
Another year crafting a plan from several resources: private tutoring, TC classes; DVD, etc.

Math: (probably) MUS for Trigonometry
Science; Apologia Physics w/ DVD supplemented with GC
English: Mythical in Lit (TC)
WP and Intro to Programming
Foreign Language:  2nd Form Latin; Rosetta Stone German
DVD programs: Movie Making and Entreprenuerialism
Co-op: Art (figure drawing), Chorale, unit study (science/ media)
Ballroom Dancing; Challenge Staff; Poetry Outloud, Shakespeare Camp; p.t. job as a ranch hand; as much free writing on his novel that he can fit in.
Shakespeare Camp- The Tempest
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Sparklee said...

Sounds like a great plan for the year! I have a 5th and 7th grader, too. (Sort of. You know how it is.)

Thanks for the link to Poetry Outloud. I had not heard of it before, and my daughter would absolutely love this.

My kiddos have expressed interest in Latin, but I don't know how we could squeeze it into our already-packed days. If they want to try it, we'll find a way, I guess!

Have a wonderful year learning with your kids!