Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sorting, Scheduling & Stuff

We went into the attic in search of something. We ended up sorting through the attic. Oy vey. It has been our throw whatevah into it room. 5 hours later we had a huge pile of trash to burn and throw away, a van full of give-aways, lost curriculum and winter gear found, and a semi-sorted attic area. Some day it will be a room. It's walk-up, dry-walled and sweet. At some point, we'll cut more doors into the under-eve areas for more storage and it will be a bedroom or writer's nook. Little by little, right?
This is the west side of the attic- imagine it drywalled and mudded. We are going to be cut-out (cut-in?) book-shelves near the window area. The room still needs a lot more finish mudding, and another door cut-out for under-eave storage. It will be awhile before we get back up here...still have yards and yards of trim to cut and install and doors to get done......

In the process of sorting the attic, we re-discovered some very cool pictures that our friends Mindy and Wayne gave us.

(the frame on the black-baord is from them- they have impeccable taste!)
They pictures are now on the first floor, waiting to get hung. Actually, we are waiting for the in-service on how to hang really heavy pictures with a dolly, cause there is not stud. I need a clone husband. Not a full time one- just one that I could turn on and off....

Have His Carcase

Read Have His Carcase on the trip to WI. It's the first time Peter and Harriet get togethere after she is exonerated of murdering her former lover. I liked the development of the relationship, and continue to love DLS's (new moniker for Dorothy Sayers) word-crafting and dialoguing. And, her ability to create a place, and set it in time so that you feel the time and the place is masterful. The story line on this one was o.k.- not my fav. and the ending was so complicated it wasn't that satisfying.
Am currently reading, (flying through cause I'm overdue with it at the library) Dorothy Sayers: The Centenary Celebration, compiled by Dale. A group of essays by other writers who worked or knew Dorothy. Great insight into her character, faith and writing. It's official. I'm a DLS nerd. I want a T-shirt. And the video collection. And the rest of the papers and books I haven't gotten to. And time to read them all.

Team YODA is up and running. This year both Cub and Flower will participate in Lego League, along with 6 others (3 other sets of siblings). Our team won "Best Programmers" in the state last year. Our team is more mature, has a clearer understanding of what they are doing and is so jazzed about LL it's a blast to be around them. Because I don't have enough to do, I'm jumping in to help. Fun.
We're doing a Fund Raisier this year, too. So, if you are in the area and feel the craving for Pizza on August 13th, stop by the Pizza Ranch on 41rst- our team earns a portion of the sales that evening and you can meet our team- we'll be busing tables - woot!

Don't forget to sign up for the Element 83 Give-Away. Love their art work! I've been running into more and more families that have homeshcooled and, as a result of their studies, have opened their own businesses. Two that I've come across this week are Sturdy Designs (Kites like you wouldn't believe) and Crystal Creek Media. This crazy family has gone from script writing, creating shorts to producing feature length films.

Speaking of which, I'll be posting a review of their feature length film: Creed of Gold (featuring Apologia founder Jay Wile) soon, along with yet another give-away of both the film and an instructional DVD, "Director's Cut" for aspiriting film-makers.

Fall planning. I think I have it sorted. Just need to get stuff ordered.
My thoughts: So many choices, so little time. So many choices, not enough resources to make them all work.
Tutoring center has some great options this year. Cub will be taking World Geography, Pre-Physics, Art, Writing With Skill. Feeche will be taking Mythical as Literature. There are more classes he could take but, again, we are back to the so many choices, so little time thang.
Extra-Curriculars: Awanas for Flower, Lego League 4 Flower and Cub, Ballroom Dancing, Challenge, Shakespeare Camp, Poetry Outloud.
I'll be teaching 2 semester long art-ish classes at co-op, 2 writing classes and helping with LL. Full-up.

The book. Cooking along. I'm looking for vingettes from real live homeschooling families. If you are committed to a specific methodology, have done something unique as a homeschooling family or have amazing resources you want to share, lmk.

How was your week?

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