Thursday, August 30, 2012

Spraying and Staining.

We have been painting and staining fools around here.
We've spray painted an ugly blong dresser, aquired cheaply at a garage sale, a metal desk that went from black to cream colored, a mirror frame, from ugly goldish grey to brushed nickel- it looks fab!  and an old schoolhouse chair that I am modge-podging - fun, fun, fun!
In addition to that KB has stained the 6 doors that go to the 2nd floor. We've done a fair bit of sanding to go with the staining, but the good news is they are almost done - finally. Those doors have been one of the never ending projects in this little house re-build. Then stripping the old finish off the hardware and spray painting those.

Meanwhile, Feeche is building a brick path that extends from the front brick path to the west side of the house. It looks so incredibly awesome! Can't wait till it's done!
(I'd post pictures but the camera's batteries died for good)

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