Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Week of Summer

Lego League featured prominantly in the week- 3 meetings, including the mission kick-off, a field trip to the hospital and our regular meeting. Plus driving. Good stuff. I'm learning a lot- hope the kids are too ; )
Hospital field trip included getting to sit in the cock-pit of the rescue helicopter and talking to the pilot. Very, very cool. Also looking at x-rays of gross things people had swallowed, including a 2" fish-hook. Not so very cool.

Doors featured prominantly in our week. Not the singing kind. We are at the polyurethaning stage. And the brass polishing, whatRwegoing2dowiththehardware stage. If it IS brass and it polishes up nicely, then we'll polish. Otherwise it's spray paint time.

Feeche finished Alg II just in time for School to start and Trig to kick in. He'll be gone 2 weeks in October to Challenge and is strongly considering paging at the Capital in Jan (another 2 weeks). This year is going to be fast and furious.

Family Camp at a Retreat Center this week-end! Cabins have kitchens, large bathrooms with running water and air-conditioning, plus enough beds for everybody!! Plus cool people, a swiming pool and a lake. Super duper cool.

I hate buying tickets on-line. I just know that I've missed the better price somewhere, it's out there taunting me, but I'll never find it. Trying to buy tickets on line is like there's a better price purgatory. The good news is that Feeche found his own ticket and found a GREAT price. The bad news is the internet was down (hence the delay in posting this) and we couldn't buy it. The hopeful news is that the good price will still be around on Monday (crossing fingers).

The garden puttered and sputtered all summer. We are still having temps in the high 90's!! Which was notaso good for lots of stuff but good for the tomatoes. I've been drying them- mmm!

Tutoring Center, and school, starts officially on Tuesday for us. We have the bulk of the books, a plan, plenty of lined and unlined paper, ink in the computer printer and books on order from InterLibraryLoan. The only thing not totally ready is me. Does summer really have to end?

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