Monday, July 23, 2012

Element83 Review and Give-Away!

What does a creative homeschooling family do when they are studying the periodic table? One family collected the elements, which turned in to a fascination with Element 83- Bismuth!

Some of the beautiful jewlery available at Element 83 Etsy shop!
"My husband's fascination with bismuth (the 83rd element) began when he and our son started collecting the elements on the periodic table as a science project. When he got to element 83, he was impressed with the sample crystal he was able to create. He bought a couple of pounds of the raw metal online and melted it in a soup can. As it slowly cooled, crystals began to form beneath the surface.  When he poured out the bismuth that had not returned to a solid state, beautiful crystals in all different colors were revealed.  It is truly amazing to watch the bismuth transform into something so beautiful and unique!"
I love how this family took a science experiment and created, not only wear-able art, but an entire business out of what they were learning! 

I have been wearing a gorgeous, unique pendant from Element 83 for several days. It is the pefect addition to a summer tan. The colors are iridescent and subtle, and match anything.  I've actually had women come up to me, cradle it in their hand and ask with awe, "What is this?" Few people know what Bismuth is,  but when I say it's the 83rd Elements, there is usually some small spark of recognition. Let me tell you, this jewlery is eye-catching, unique, affordable and comment producing. I LOVE the pendant Mary (beauitful homescholing Momma and wife to the artist that makes all of this lovely jewlery) sent me and it's going to be hard to part with the gorgeous one I have to give-away.
But I'm gonna do it.

Contrapposto in Blues FREE SHIPPING and BOX,   Iridescent Bismuth Crystal Pendant, Jewelry

Because each piece of jewlery is unique, the winner will recieve a pendant that is similar, but not the same as the one show above.
Added bonus,  it comes in this fragrant, beautiful, cedar box!

FREE SHIPPING,  Large Cedar Box for your Crystal Jewelry

All you have to do to enter to win is
1. Follow Golden Grasses, through Google, Networked Blogs, or via email.
2. "Favorite" Element 83 at thier Etsy Store (go here and cllick on the heart wtih the word "favorite" beside it on the top right corner)
3. Leave a comment, letting me know you are a friend, and what you love most at the Element 83 Etsy store!
4. Enter more than once by utilizing other social networks: One entry for every mention on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, or your blog! Leave a comment, and lmk about it!
5. The winner will be announced on August 15 and they will have 5 days to get their snail mail addy to me.

One blessed Golden Grasses reader will have a lovely new pendant to start the school year off with!!


Maranda said...

Love the jewelry. I posted it on my blog

I favorited it at Etsy, Facebooked it, Pinterested it (I pinned the Angel Falls pendant), I don't have twitter so a no go there, lol.

My favorites are: (besides the Angel falls) Blue Leaf, Summer Blush , Blue Bezel, and Bail and Balconies.

I'm sending hubby a link!

Nicole Passineau said...

I'm a friend and I've hit favorite at their Etsy store. I love everything at their store, but I think the Blue Spruce or the Double Winding Staircase are my favorites.

Amy said...

These are so gorgeous! I can't decide if my favorite is Summer Blush or Serpentine.

Miss Peregrine, WTM

Me said...

I love this jewelry. It is so beautiful and different. Strangely, my chemistry experiments never turn out so pretty.

LaughingLioness said...

Gorgeous jewelry & what a neat way to have fallen into creating art. (I have that book too. I think I need to start on some fun, funky projects for our family!)

My favorite piece is the Bevels & Bridges necklace -- cool, minimalist, & funky at the same time. Really beautiful.

Thanks for posting this. What a unique find.

I put them in my favorites & am now following your blog via email too.

susan said...

Really cool jewelry.

Tammi Klusewitz said...

Gorgeous! I love the color and form.

.ambre. said...

I'm a friend and I hit favorite. I love the Burning Tiers of Teal necklace. It's beautiful!

Gapper said...

LOVE the jewelry! I'm a friend, I favorited it @ Etsy, post to pinterest and FB, I pinned the the blue Maple leaf necklace and one by someone wearing a shortslevve lavender shirt-can't remember what it was typical for me these days:) SO BEAUTIFUL! and creative Hugs girlfriend~TK