Monday, July 5, 2010

Week-end Wrap Up

Another 3 1/2 days of relentless work on the property. I say relentless because it continues to be demanding, exhausting and unfinished. We did make progress:

  • The basement is completely done as far as dry-walling goes. This includes ceilings (thank-you Dad & Neil), bedroom (thank-you Travis!), bathroom, laundry room and family room, 3 doorways, 4 windows - in all about 800 square feet. We still have to tape the door jambs (ran out of corner rounder).
  • Rough mudding and taping in the basement is done (other than 2 doors).
  • Rough mudding in attic and 2nd floor bathroom is done.
  • Egress window well filled with rock and dirt (10 wheelbarrow loads full and several raspberry plants killed (sniffle) by wheelbarrow tipping later).
  • 2 acres mowed.
  • Trees and shrubs pruned (finally)
  • One flower bed re-claimed and several plants moved.
  • 2nd floor cleaned- old storm windows disposed of, built in cabinet removed, old insulation removed, swept, vacuumed.

We came home last night at 10:15 p.m. (partly cause we had our annual fireworks display out at the property despite killer mosquito's) to be met by a flooded basement. To compound matters we still only own 8 towels and the 5 of us arriving were filthy and ready for showers and a bed. And both fans were at the property.
It's always something. Really, it's always 10 or 20 somethings.
We also realized that we have no broom closet in the kitchen. Viking Man measured and there's space for a 6"x12" closet behind the kitchen door on the way to the basement next to the vents. That and we need an opening cut and a door made for the laundry chute in the kitchen.
Sanding and finish mudding on the schedule for this week. I finally feel like I know what all of the mudding is about so it's going much better. Now to cut out all of the mudding I've scr*wed up so far and re-do it. Later.
Today we are resting (except Viking Man who is long gone to work), laundry, dishes and a city fire-works disply tonight.

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