Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fire Works & House Work

Monday evening we stepped into a Norman Rockwell scene at a small towns fire-works display. Bands played, there was soda and popcorn for sale, parents played Frisbee with their kids waiting for the show and lots of lawn chair sitting and visiting with others. It's really a small world here in the Territories and you're more likely to meet someone you know when you are out and about than not. The fire-works display was terrific. The finale spectacular. Cub and I sang The Star Spangled Banner together as we sat watching the rockets red glare. A good night of remembrance that we live in the land of the Free.

Other days were spent mudding, taping, finish taping, priming around windows and door-ways in anticipation of trim and crown molding, putting corner rounder on doorways, and inch by inch working on our poor neglected yard. The first floor floor is getting renovated this week, with red oak being put in to match the existing fir. We went with wood for the kitchen floor and 1/2 bath. It is so, so beautiful.

We also made the big decision to pull all of the remaining wood from the second floor, including kick boards, window trim and doors. There was still too much smoke smell left that won't go away despite copious amounts of od0-bane generously applied.

KB is still on campaigning in the deep south and called today to arrange to stay another week. Losing her help is a hardship but she is having a blast.
Miss. R is camp counseling this week -this time near Cumberland Gap. Beautiful piece of the country that. My parents honeymooned there and we camped there as a family growing up. Great memories.
Hope to get more pictures of the house up tomorrow. I keep leaving my camera in the wrong car or at the wrong house.

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