Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thank-you DC

An official Thank-you to KB, Feche-Boy, Cub and Flower for washing dishes and making lunches and putting food away and thowing away most of our eathly possessions even though it was so hard to do and writing inventory sheet upon inventory sheet and finding another pen and sorting the Pod and the garage and the tubs and being o.k. with all that was thrown out and sweeping floors and cleaning the bathrooms and feeding the dogs and cats and getting tools out and putting tools away and running up and down 3 flights of stairs for another extension cord and getting us drinks of water and fans and cleaning the CD cause our hands were too dirty and sorting laundry and switching around laundry and putting away laundry and weeding and hauling dirt and picking up rocks and digging dirt and finding nails and hauling stuff to the barn and the dumpster and the car and the attic and the basment and mudding and taping and cutting corner rounder and sanding and painting and and staining and cleaning up the stain that spilled on the floor and having a good attitude despite heat and distress and upheaval and odd food and odd schedules and singing and especially for having good attitudes even though we are on day 270 of cleaning up the big picking mess from the house fire and for all the rest that I don't remember.
Thank-you. From the very, very bottom of my heart.

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Tina said...

I know what it means to be thankful. Please head over to my blog. There's something there for you along those lines.