Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Joy of Friendship

We are off to another day of laying ceramic tile staining wood trim and sanding drywall. It promises to be another long and taxing day but we can see the progress being made and that is so encouraging. The kitchen and bath counter top is in and we have been assured that we'll have running water and flush toilets by Friday. This makes me happy. Happy,. happy, happy.Cause we found a pop-up camper to put at the property so we'll be sleeping there for a couple more weeks but at least we'll have the kitchen and baths up and running in the house. Happy. Did I mention happy? I have been really grateful for the porta potty, but indoor flush facilities rock.

Saw friends of ours from Fuller last night. Paul is a language geek (Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek) and has been a pastor for the past 20 years, Lynn is a nurse and their 3 sons are almost grown (how did THAT happen?). They are minutes away from the airport we were at to fetch KB from. It was SO good to be with them, laugh out loud, catch up and look at their lovely faces.

A lovely day. Old friends and KB home.

2 weeks ago my Uncle Dean and his lovely wife Brenda stopped by on their way from IN to the Hills. We see them once a decade and I wish it was more. They are delightful people. Really, truly delightful. It's like God is interspersing the grueling work with the gift of friends. SO great to see Brenda and Dean. They came, oohed and ahead over the house, hugged everyone, encouraged some more....just what we all needed.

KB's home, after a 3 week Campaign U.- blitzing GA- their candidate WON (GO Team TIM (as in Echols)!!!) and having an absolute blast with other political nerds. She described the 3 weeks gone as "a taste of heaven." I feel bad that she is back here for our own personal, "taste of purgatory" but that's where we're at.

Talked with Gram and Miss R this week. Selfishly wishing they were both much, much closer geographically. Why can't everyone I love just be in the same spot?

I better get going- gotta get staining... Hope your summer has been full of good times with family & friends!

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