Friday, July 9, 2010

Floors & Flowers

The New red-oak flooring patched in to the old fir wood. In the living room...
and in the kitchen. Next week sanding will take place, then staining, then finishing.

New lockers on the still beat front porch.

Another evil basement window. Have I mentioned yet that I hate finish mudding?

At the end of another long day of hard work of sanding, mudding, corner rounding.

Despite the havoc inside and despite the fact that the main garden is in disrepair, a few things are still thriving. Grapes for one. The promise of another bumper crop.

Lilies, in lots of colors.
Kids, of course, and cats.

Hollyhocks, which are summer di riger around here.

Coneflowers (echinacea), in pink and white.

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the cat said...

Love the cabinets. Excited about the flooring. Handsome young man-- and handsome cat! ;D