Friday, July 23, 2010

It's All About the House

Rule #1- Don't maim your co-worker.
Yesterday, Feche boy and I were 10 minutes into staining when I accidentally whapped him in the side of the neck with a 14 foot kick board. Ouch! Poor guy. It jerked his head pretty well and he spent the rest of the day feeling nauseous. I called KB who was at home with the notsolittles resting and they came to the rescue. All the kids joined in and we got done by 4. Another 500 feet of wood stained.

At the house they put the kitchen counters in and they are - wow! They also got in most of wood on the first floor, windows, trim, the built-in bookshelves, the 12' floorboard. The floors are sanded and have the first coat of stain (first floor anyway) and it is --well, unbelievable. Contractor Dick had pictures from just after the fire there and it's hard to believe it's the same place.

The ceramic tile is in both bathrooms. My poor, hard working husband was wondering if he'd be able to move today as he spent the majority of yesterday bent over a floor, which look awesome!! Today he is going to cut the cinder block in the basement to create a door from the bedroom to the bathroom/laundry room area.

More sanding on the agenda. Ceiling. Ugh and argh. My hands are swollen, my shoulders ache and I'd like some cheese with that whine. And more tubbing of items at the leased house. Sorting what we need immediately and what we need long term and what we don't need at all. We can start moving the kitchen over so once KB gets home from work we are going to take dishes, put butcher paper down and start moving in. AND, the stove, fridge and microwave are getting delivered in the morning. Yippee.

Off to make lunches, drink coffee and confront a ceiling. I'll try to post more pictures tomorrow.

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