Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Fly By

Just caught a "Summer in Review" and about choked. It can NOT be time to review summer. I know this because we have to finish re-building our house, move, clean the leased house, get appliances, plan the school year, purchase curriculum, and about a zillion other things before we even consider that it's time for summer to be over.
We are moving this week-end. That will check one thing off the list. Did I mention that the house wasn't finished? There is lots of dust and building materials every where there. It will be a nightmare to live in. We got creative and thought about renting an RV to move out to the property and live there for a few weeks while we got another floor completed. But wait. The Sturgis Rally is in a couple of weeks. Largest Bike Rally in the country and every RV is rented in a 4 state area for the next month. Shipping one in from farther away sky-rockets the cost to a mortgage payment a week. Kinda spendy.
Another thought was air-mattresses on the floor. My dh is still going to work in professional attire 4 days a week, in between working like a mad-man on the week-ends. Sleep is important to him. The air-mattress thing will never work. One of us will be ready for divorce or 4th floor after just a few night of that I'm sure.
O.k. so still figuring that one out.
Packing up the leased house. We aren't really ready to move in due to house not being finished. We've been putting sealed tubs in the barn. Pretty much everything else we have out at the leased house we are using so it's hard to pack it up ahead of time. Tubs are cleaned and waiting to be filled in the living room. My end of summer decorative look, hahaha. Creative thought is just to store the stuff on the trailer until we have another floor ready and hope like heck that we don't tub anything we really, really need.
2 much 1/2 done and that time crunch thang. I did get appliances ordered. My fav summer reading of 2010: Consumer Report: Appliances. Just called the store, checked on model numbers, walked in, paid and delivery day set. It is so incredibly easy to spend thousands of dollars. So, so easy.

My mantra for the day: Must.Not.Panic.
And with that, I am off to pack tubs...


Tina said...

Praying earnestly for you. Remember, when you're old, the family will look back and laugh...promise :) Until then, you can keep encouraging the rest of us to get off the computer and stop these idle hands. Hang in there Momma.

LaughingLioness said...

Tina, Knowing you've gone through it and are still alive, laughing and faithful encourages me more than you know!! Thank-you for checking on our progress and praying us through!!! Blessings! Lisa