Friday, July 9, 2010

7 Quick-Takes

Stargate Atlantis has been my summer-time guilty pleasure. Feche-boy and I are quickly viewing seasons I & II. It's cheesy, very cheesy, but it has some great lines and some fun characters. Very funny lines, especially after several hours of painting or mudding,quoted by Feche-boy. We even named one of the door frames in honor of a StarGate character; "Bloody Bob." See Quick Take #2 for more info.
I have removed at least as much dry wall tape as I've put up. This is because I really had no idea what I was doing when I started. Air pockets die by the blade. (KB I am LOVING your Xacto knife). My day time conclusion is that finish mudding doorways and windows is a life-sucking force. We felt it a fitting tribute to name one of the doorframes after "Bob" Wraith.
Settlers of Catan voted #1 game of the year by the fam. Played on the porch after supper and accompanied by fresh and perfectly ripe nectarines. I love, love, love summer. Truly.
Narnia is just as engaging and brilliant the 1rst, 27th or billionth time through, no matter how many audio CD's you've listened to or movie versions you've watched. Feche-boy and Viking Man are taking turns reading it outloud. FB reads with a British accent, quite entertaining.
Our parsley seeded due to neglect. It looks exactly like dill. And, oddly enough we had no dill come up this year, though lambs ear made a showing, despite not seeing it at all in the garden for the past 2 years. The strawberries and grapes are loving the rain and growing like mad.
Cyndi & Stan continue to be the best neighbors in the world.
Wednesday morning Bible Study was a life-saver this week. I am grateful for the prayers and words of encouragement of friends. It's been a better week because of them.

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