Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mud Rules

I spent the week doing things that I'm not good at and don't like. I've been a (drywall) mud slinging fool and have re-dubbed finish mudding "refinish mudding" cause it's taking me way more than one go-around to get it right.Thankfully my strong and talented husband stepped to the fore (again) this week-end to tackle the basement bedroom and ceilings. I'm not sure if that made me feel better or worse. I am glad that he is doing finish mudding. Yessireebob, I sure am. But his finish mudding is actually finish mudding.
I finally figured out how to do the stinking rough mudding correctly (after pulling off as much tape as I'd already adhered- laugh all you want, I'd like to see you try!) and before my last successful finish mudding moment is even dry we're on to another challenging life skill that I really stink at. And, admittedly, I am very grateful that we are (mostly) done with rough mudding but, honestly, I think it's a piece of cake compared to finish mudding. Especially 80+ year old windows and doors. They are a evil I tell you, evil.

So I start sanding. Cause strong and talented husband is tackling the really hard stuff and 15 yo boy is finally getting the hang of rough mudding, besides which we are almost done with that part (disclaimer: I did find an area that he actually finger mudded, but I'm willing to let it go given how much work he's been doing lately). Sanding is not too bad. All I have to do for that is get the wall smooth without sanding a hole in the wall, or roughing up the drywall tape, or making sparks fly by hitting a screw that didn't dimple or holding the sander so tight that I give myself premature arthritis or any other number of things. But all in all, it's no problemo. But is it just me or does anyone else think it's a bit stoopid to spend part of your life sanding off all the mud you've spent hours and hours getting up there, air hole free and baby butt smooth? Seriously?

Next up, after another week of mudding and sanding is painting. Painting I can do. Painting makes sense. I'm all about painting. But wait, I forgot. We are going to try to figure out the Praying Mantis thang. This little device textures your drywall. Again, we'll have spent weeks creating a beautifully smooth surface only to texture it. How does this make sense?

Tomorrow I am taking off and doing no tasks that I am not good at. I'll still be doing stuff I don't like to do but at least I know how to achieve a modicum of success doing them. I am going to do simple, mundane tasks that make sense and are logical. Like laundry. Put dirty stuff into the machine, add soap and water, clean clothes come out. I am also going to wash dishes. Again, put dirty stuff into sink, add soap and water, scrub a bit and viola. Clean dishes.

None of this, "we'll do the drywall ourselves to save money" 32 inane tasks to a decent looking wall later. Nope. Not till Tuesday.

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servingHimblind said...

WOW. Humorously written. U wanna switch? I'll take the drywalling and you can have the apathetic, passive-aggressive KYian jr. highers being led by quiet-spirited southern belles who don't like to make kids uncomfortable.